The Right Swimsuit Fabric Can Have The Ultimate Movement

But if you choose the wrong swimming wear cloth, you will suffer. Let's take a look at the materials of swimsuits.


 The material of the swimsuit determines the comfort level when wearing it. A piece of good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic, and the texture of the fabric is also very dense, so it will not burden the body during exercise. But if you choose the wrong swimming wear cloth, you will suffer. Let's take a look at the materials of swimsuits.

  DuPont Lycra: A kind of synthetic elastic fiber. It can be extended to 4~6 times the original length, and the stretchability is excellent. It is suitable for blending with various chemical fibers, which can enhance the drape and wrinkle resistance of the material. DuPont Lycra, which contains anti-chlorine ingredients, has a longer service life than swimsuits made of general materials.

  Nylon fabric: Although the material is not as strong as Lycra fabric. But the ductile softness is on par with Lycra. Now the most used fabric for swimsuits is at a moderate price.

  Polyester fabrics: mostly ductile fabrics that are unilateral and two-way stretched. Due to the limited flexibility, it is not suitable for jumpsuit styles. But most of them can be used in swimming trunks or women's swimming split two-section, which can be partially cut or low-cost development strategies.

  Spandex yarn has high elasticity and is usually not spun alone. It is often blended with Lycra, nylon, and polyester fabrics. The composition of high-quality commercial spandex yarn exceeds 18%. The fabric is comfortable and the price is medium.

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