Brass Catcher, Universal Shell Catcher Net for Rifle Range

Brass Catcher, Universal Shell Catcher Net for Rifle Range


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PICATINNY RAIL MOUNT INCLUDED: Easy to install on any Picatinny rail hand guard

ZIPPERED BOTTOM: Convenient zipper design at bottom of mesh bag allows you to empty your spent brass simply

UPGRADED HEAT RESISTAND MESH: Durable nylon mesh prevent hot brass from melting a hole when ejected

BEARING WEIGHT: Ideal for reloaders and easily holds 100 rounds of empty brass

It attaches very easily and securely but pops right off when it is time to empty the bag.

Heat Resistant Mesh

Internal Metal Wire Frame

Compatible with Most AR models

Mounts Anywhere on a Picatinny Rail

Quick Installation and Removal

Zippered Bottom Designed

Adjustable Distance

I’ve been looking for a brass catcher for a while now and after looking around for a while I realized there was a huge assortment of brands out there. I’ve been more than happy with everything I’ve purchased from XAegis that I decided to give them a try on the brass catcher as well. I attached the rail mount on my Custom AR picatinny rail and adjusted the catcher basket to the ejection port and went straight out to give it a try. I mounted this brass catcher in 2 minutes and was shooting in 5 minutes. I shot fifty rounds in a matter of minutes and was ready to leave the range. Normally I’m spending 10-15 minutes picking up brass... not anymore. I love this thing. I’d highly recommend this XAegis brass catcher to anyone that’s wanting to save some time or has other shooters to the side of them.

Mounted on a Rugar PC9 w/o issues, works very well. Solid mount, tools included, easy to install and remove with button press. Zipper to empty w/o removal. Holds fifty cases easily, maybe more that's all I shot. Some issue with mounting under a scope due to limited room. Had to add I/2 inch rails to raise the scope. In the PC9 it easily fits at the front of the rail and you can slide the catcher back and forth to easily adjust. Have tried a couple of other brands and this is the best so far. Concerned about the netting as it is poly or nylon but the hot cases did no damage with my limited range test. UPDATE 2nd one came today and installed on my AR w/o issue looking forward to testing it soon..

I am a reloaded and get tired of looking for my brass or picking them out of the dirt . I purchased this to use on my AR which has a picatinny rail on top and it works great . It allows me to focus on my shooting and not waste range time looking for brass . One other advantage is that whenever I switch bullets from a different company , I can empty the bag and keep my brass head stamps from being mixed . Hot brass have not effected this bag and it is small enough I can use it without it being cumbersome or effecting the balance of my rifle while shooting . This catcher it a great purchase .

This brass catcher is very sturdy but at the same time super light. It has a metal frame but still weighs slightly under 6 ounces.