Path of Exile: Currency System

Path of Exile: Currency System


The currency system is another important feature of Path of Exile. There is no resident, unified currency in the game. Instead, it is a "currency" with different uses. So what exactly is currency? In the following, some currencies, their functions, and methods of use are introduced.
POE Currency
Chromatic Orb
In the game, the magic color is generally called directly, the role is to change the color of the hole of the equipment, so that the skill gem can be put into use. The probability of new colors appearing after using Phantom Stone is related to the attributes of the equipment base. Red holes are easy to appear in strength, green holes are easy to appear in agility, blue holes are easy to appear in intelligence, and red and green holes are easy to Buy POE Currency appear in equipment with agile strength. So look at the needs when washing. For example, if a 6-hole garment with pure agility needs to wash more than 3 red holes, it is very difficult (except for the character emperor). At this time, you can choose the master to directly put on the 3 red holes. Good luck.

Orb of Fusing
Called connection in the game, the function is to connect the holes in the equipment. Special note: The skill gems in the POE game can be roughly divided into active skills and auxiliary skills. For example, the poison cloud arrow skill gem with low-level multiple projections will increase the number of poison arrows shot by 2, so the poison cloud arrow It is an active skill, and low-level multiple projection is an auxiliary skill. In the case where the active skills in the game are finally formed (commonly known as equipment graduation), in general, an active skill is connected with 5 auxiliary skills to maximize output, so the connection stone is one of the currencies with a very large demand for equipment final graduation.

Divine OrbBlessed Orb
The reason why these two items are put together is because their role is to change the value of the inherent affix of the equipment. The blessing stone changes the value of the equipment base (such as the life provided by the leather belt), while the sacred stone changes the value of the existing attributes of the equipment (such as the resistance blood provided by the equipment, etc.), it is necessary to talk about the equipment value here There is a difference between T1 and T10. T1 is the highest or close to Buy POE Orbs the highest of this attribute, and T10 is the lowest or close to the lowest.

Blacksmith's Whetstone
Improve weapon quality Right-click on this item, then left-click on a weapon to use to improve its quality. The lower the rarity, the better the weapon effect. The upper limit is 20%.