World of Warcraft Shadowlands finally reveals Sylvanas’ secret conspiracy

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World of Warcraft fans spend most of their time in Battle for Azeroth asking a big question: What is the evil chief Sylvanas Windrunner planning? It is clear that she is playing chess, involving genocide, betrayal and surprisingly mysterious magical powers, belonging to some kind of five-dimensional chess. The latest expansion project "Shadow Land" is also focused on the plot of Sylvanas. But thanks to the new cutscenes, we know her actual situation, which may be bad news for everyone.

Sylvanas is the last remaining character in the WOW Classic Gold real-time strategy game. She was introduced in Warcraft 3, where she was quickly murdered on the way to becoming the Lich King by Arthas. He resurrected her, and when she got out of mind control, she played a leading role in the Forsaken, with the goal of revenge on Alsace.

After Arthas was killed by the player in the Wrath of the Lich King, Sylvanas thought that the job was done well and that it didn't make much sense to persist as an undead banshee. In the short story "Edge of Night" published in the early days of Cataclysm in 2010, she threw herself from the top of Icecrown Citadel and died. To her frustration, for reasons currently unknown, she ended up in the worst hell.

Sylvanas made a dark bargain with Val’kyr, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold winged death servant, to rebirth and escape from fate. Since then, she has set her goal to never look back. Most players interpret it as she doesn't want to die. It turns out that she is more ambitious than that. From Shadowlands, we now know that Sylvanas has formed an alliance with the villain, the jailer in World of Warcraft. The jailer was one of Shadowlands’ bosses, but his colleagues thought he was bad and banished him. He is the cause of all the problems in the Land of Shadows, and his intrigue is the reason why players need to spend hours to complete the mission. He and Sylvanas established an alliance of planners related to evil death, including Helya of the Legion.

The bad guys made some of Azeroth's greatest heroes shine, including King Anduin on the set. Sylvanas and Anduin finally chat together, and Sylvanas explains that death in World of Warcraft is rude and unfair. When we found that someone had died through questioning, they went to the arbitrator. The arbitrator was basically a Hogwarts tidying hat, in the form of a lady archangel. She organizes the soul to the final destination without their input. As a result, you may die and then suddenly wake up and fall into the huge tuna swamp of the vampire torture rehabilitation program or the Eternal War. This is the second time, perhaps for eternal life, and under the judgement of the arbitrator and her, most of the characters we encountered looked pretty good. On the other hand, Sylvanas thinks this is absurd. Her view is indeed so! Separate spouse and parents and children. Kyrian is one of the four major factions in the Shadowlands, asking new souls to wipe out their memories of life.

Anduin is one of the best moments of expansion so far because he pointed out that for Sylvanas, this is not a good person. For one, her attire is absolutely cranial. Second, she imprisoned Anduin in a terrible prison with death-related runes. Sylvanas basically shrugged and said: "The purpose proves the means!" Sylvanas, considering that your means are mind control, genocide, and fatal damage to people, I can hardly accept this statement.

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