Are Dark Bows in short supply as of late or something?

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Are Dark Bows in short supply as of late or something? Because I am attempting to train up my range from 60-70, and I have been trying to purchase one in. Is it just my terrible luck or will be the really none out there? Looking at the cost history, they are going up. So that would mean that either the demand rises or the supply drops. This began at 17th of June that's the identical day this upadate occurred:

This week we have removed the majority of boss- and minigame-only drops out of the PvP and RS gold Bounty Worlds. Reading the forums, we noted that several individuals felt that dropping items like dragonfire shields, dragon full helms, Slayer-only things (like the abyssal whip) and barrows equipment was a bad move. The general impression was that these falls not just made the initial source less exciting, but also effectively increased the rate at which these items came into the game, which had a negative effect on the economy. We agreed!

So I figure the dark bow isn't being dumped anymore in pvp and bounty worlds and that makes the distribution return and the cost go up (it had a slight fall on 15th of July which was likely due to the PvP World Changes). Btw: you are not the only one, I see a lot of people seeking to buy a dark bow in the grand exchange... This would also lure many mercher who purchase the bow now and will sell it afterwards for a higher cost which raises the need (also the entire pvp increases this too).

Well, recently I have stumbled upon a Level 2 Clue Scroll, and its reward made me a wonderful sum of money. Thing is, I wish to spend it on Armour and train for the time being. I have about 1.5M atm, together with the following levels and gear. So please help me find the"best" set-up for your own levels. Thanks for some help.

I will try fight caves at my levels so im not leveling a lot of methods sop confused for greatest. Whats better guthas veracs helm way a lot of, if any one can assist and connect me to great guides and videos with best approaches for me or how you did struggle cave im keen to devote 10m on cheap RuneScape gold armour ect although not 0ver 500k a trip if I was to expire at jad. Also is it better to kill healers,line them run through jad to trap incase I can not run behinde italy rock fo safty to kill them without a jad.