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Wholesale womens clothing from www.new-feeling.co.za online factory marketplace. With 1020+ factories integrated, we provide in stock items and OEM/ODM services for wholesalers, brand owners and distributors globally.


It goes without saying that women love fashion. Looking back over history up to the present day, fashion has shaped the lives of women all over the world. Fashion has shaped the culture and the history of women for thousands of years. Its not to say that men don’t have an interest in fashion, but there is something special and unique about the way women use fashion to shape their world, and to influence the world. For cultures across the world, the NEW FEELING company caters to all desires. A professional OEM and ODM manufacturer, NEW FEELING provides new fashion with 8000 new designs in mass production, close to the biggest fabric market in the world. The NEW FEELING brand is made unique and perfect Wholesale Dresses for every woman.

The team at NEW FEELING understand what it means to succeed in the fashion world. Starting in 1999, our team has worked tirelessly for over 25+ years to provide women’s fashion that stands out and caters to every woman across the globe. Our products start from the beginning designing process, sourcing the latest fabric and trims, creating samples, production, packaging, quality control assessments and delivery of the products right to your door.

Our Wholesale Clothes Factory makes unique designs with over 8000 fresh designs each year. You’ll be hard pressed to find a greater lead time than ours with only 15 days maximum between. It is easy to see why our brand has become so popular and talked about with clothing samples within three days and a name that is remembered by all who come across it. Your needs are our desire and the quality of our clothes reaches the highest standard, with beautiful and meticulous detail. We are so passionate about giving you the clothes that you desire that we offer both OEM and ODM services. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in women’s fashion you will find with our brand. You are so important to us that we will do whatever it takes to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in the quickest time period, with as much detail and finesse as you deserve.

What are you looking for when you look at your wardrobe? If you’re desiring to feel sexy or confident, hot, chic, on trend, then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with our brand new designs
Wholesale Floral Dresses. You can have a professional look and a casual summer look all in the one place. Our clothes are manufactured and designed to suit every individual. Over 25+ years of experience, our team knows exactly how to meet your needs and to please every woman.