How to maintain the watch leather strap?

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Leather band compared with metal band, it's life is short, reasonable life is about 2-3 years, it belongs to consumables, but as long as the industrious maintenance and use in accordance with the characteristics of leather wear, it can greatly prolong the band life.

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Natural enemies of leather strap:

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1. Water is the most taboo of leather strap, even human sweat, water will make leather hard brittle, and should not be long dip in the water or exposure to the wet environment. If you wet it, dry it lightly with dry cloth, or dry it before you wear it, so as to avoid smelling or even mildew.

2. The sun will make the leather strap bleaching and accelerated aging of the cortex, so do not put in the sun for a long time exposure.

3. Pulling will make fixed position of common watchband cracks, bending the watchband is easily broken, so be sure to wear a watch, in the gentle movements, Leather Watchband by touching the water or cold hardening shape can be easily bent, then do not reflexed, so as not to damage the cortex.

Leather cleaning and maintenance:

1, When the strap has an odor, you can use a toothbrush with a little soapy water, brush dirt, and then gently wipe with a damp cloth, cleaning process as quickly as possible, to avoid soapy water infiltration and affect the cortex.

2, The higher concentration of available medicinal alcohol spray on the watchband, with beeswax or leather maintenance oil wipe, can remove the odor and disinfection, watchband, moistureproof, mouldproof effect, protect the leather watchband. Skin sensitive, it is recommended to contact the skin with the strap back, do not use oil care products.

3, When you sleep, you can put the strap in the ventilation, so that cortical cells open breathing.

Here, learn how to maintain the watch leather strap:

I believe people love the Custom Luxury Watches , they are reluctant to wear the watch go swimming or steam bath, but the daily wear, there will still be some sunshine and sweat, or use the pull, regular maintenance, careful use can prolong the bands’ life of Leather Watchband, but it still belongs to Leather Watchband consumables, needed to be replaced watchband. Many people will have two kinds of metal and Leather Watchband, in the autumn and winter in more moist Soft Leather Watchband, for metal watchband, in the hot summer sweating alternate, not only greatly extend the life of more watch band, add the feeling of the season.

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