The falls monsters have themselves might be underwhelming

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Every Delirium encounter drops 4poe shards that can craft this Map following 100 are combined. Unlike many leagues,"Delirium" only has one endgame Map to perform rather than Breach's four or Legion's 5. This may lead to Simulacrum runs getting quite boring after repeated runs. The loot might also be underwhelming within this Map also, which could further exacerbate this situation.

The falls monsters have themselves might be underwhelming, while splinters are likely to be abundant in Delirium encounters. Some leagues at Path of Exile added amounts of critters that contributed to possible Map drops and currency profits. While"Delirium" does not seem to have an issue with monster amount, a lack of great rewards from such monsters could result in players skipping encounters entirely, especially if the Simulacrum Map isn't rewarding enough.

Each league in Path of Exile poe currency has pushed the game's quality and operation. It was not uncommon to have the sport briefly freeze in the past couple of leagues because of the sheer amount of things occurring. With"Delirium," the number of enemies on the display plus the dense fog could bring about significant performance slowdown for most people's PCs. Worse yet, this could make console versions of this game drop to the single digits if not optimized properly, which makes this league unplayable on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 games. This might be the best league ever created for Path of Exile, but this will not be any good if nobody can actually play the new content without massive performance problems.