Preparing the subject of health and women's education

Preparing the subject of health and women's education


Preparing the subject of health and women's education, courses for the study of clothing and the basis for choosing it
Objectives of the clothing lesson and the basis for choosing it:

Introduce the student to clothes.

Clarify the concepts and terms of clothing for the student.

Show the students the position of Muslim women in reference to modern fashion.

Remind the students of the basics of choosing clothes.

 بوابة عين

General purpose health and women's education courses which include the following:

Developing the necessary skills at all times, gaining experience, and preparing the individual to contribute to the development of public life and the advancement of society and providing it with fruitful activities.

Form a set of principles and values ​​that define the private and social behavior of an individual and thus develop a method of responsibility in society, such as cooperation, order, economy, and good behavior.

Preparing the individual to assume responsibilities within the family, fulfill his obligations and discipline his responsibilities towards the family and society.

Training the individual to plan and organize every process, excluding improvisation and superficiality.

Good use of family resources to achieve the highest standard of living for the family within its income range.

Identify effective home management practices and train the individual to benefit from practical home management studies, and demonstrate techniques according to current developments that will alleviate many problems.

Develop the economic and aesthetic spirit of the student using the recommendations for choosing materials and clothing, and also due to the introduction of scientific methods for their care and preservation, as well as their relationship to the general appearance.

Developing the scientific training of the individual, teaching him to practice manual work, respecting it, respecting those who participate in it, and giving him the opportunity in the future to rely on himself in the face of life circumstances.

Giving the individual the opportunity to explore specific industries using local materials that help increase the size of the family's income and contribute to raising the value range in proportion to the individual's capabilities at different stages.

Take advantage of studying the material to occupy your spare time with useful and fruitful production.

Develop healthy and nutritional habits, pay attention to appearance and clarify its relationship to the formation of personality and its impact on the individual and thus on society.

Knowing the relationship between nutrition, its growth and safety and the ability of an individual to work and produce.