NEW FEELING Strives for Excellence and Upholds it in Everything that They Do

Wholesale dresses from Clothing online factory store. With 1000+ factories integrated, we provide in stock items and OEM/ODM services for wholesalers, brand owners and distributors globally.


Every woman deserves to glow, to feel hot and sexy in everything that they own and everything that they wear. NEW FEELING is a Clothing Manufacturing Factory, providing you with the very best of clothing for your wardrobe.

Wholesale Plus Size Dresses

ASOS provides clothing for women and for men, for those in petite sizes and for those with a few more curves. Whether you’re into Wholesale Floral Dresses or lingerie to feel at your sexiest, or bottoms, blouses or jewellery. If accessories, bags or shoes are more your things, then ASOS caters for it all. And NEW FEELING garment factory is ASOS stable supplier.

Wholesale Floral Dresses

With the latest in designs and luxury for every woman, NEW FEELING carefully designs all of their Wholesale Dresses to meet the desires of all of their customers. An international fast fashion e-commerce company, NEW FEELING delivers products primarily to customers in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East.

20 years of experience means that NEW FEELING has studied the intricacies of what it is to help a woman feel and look her best in every detail and for every occasion. Do you desire to feel bold? To feel sexy? To feel empowered? To feel hot? To feel chic and comfortable and elegant? As ASOS’s supplier, NEW FEELING ensures that every customer will radiate every one of these qualities. If you envision living your best life with the highest of quality fashions, then clothing from NEW FEELING will empower you to do exactly that.

Wholesale Plus Size Dresses

NEW FEELING strives for excellence and upholds it in everything that they do. Shipping globally from many different locations, they are committed to catering to customers all over the globe. With a production chain, equipment, communication and cooperation, items of clothing are laboured over meticulously to bring you the very best of the best. No detail is overlooked, no issue too small, all products produced and delivered are to the highest standard and are created for you to feel and look at your very best for every occasion.

For a clothing company that meets all of your needs, caters to all of your desires, and exceeds all of your expectations when it comes to the latest fashions, NEW FEELING delivers to and for you. Encompassing all of the latest fashion trends across the world and delivering to over 220 locations around the world, they know exactly what it means as a Wholesale Clothes Factory to deliver the very best.