How To Use The High Quality Chronograph Watches?

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In general, the Watches Supplier chronograph watch must have the function of recording seconds and minutes. Now most chronographs have three small dials + two buttons. The position and shape of the small dials and buttons of different brands and models are different. However, how to change the design of the case and the dial is inseparable from these indication scales.

The small dials are: minute counter, hour counter, small seconds dial. The two buttons are: timing start/stop, timing reset.

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The style of the chronograph is different. The positions of several small dials and buttons are not necessarily the same. You can see the scale of the small dial or the reference manual. The maximum number of the minute dial is 30, which can record 30 minutes. The maximum number of the hour dial is 12, which can record 12 hours. The large second hand of the chronograph is used for timing. When the timing function is not activated, the large second hand is stationary at 12 o'clock.

Chronograph watch Setting steps:

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1. Press the time button to start the time, the big second hand starts to move, the big second hand walks one circle, the minute time plate takes one space; the minute time plate takes a circle, the hour time plate takes one space, and so on.

2. When the timing button is pressed again, the timing stops, and the scale indicated by the large second hand and the chronograph is the timing reading.

3. After the time is completed, press the reset button to reset the chronograph to zero. Luxury Watches Manufacturer is mainly engaged in watches. More Watches Manufacturers for you choose.