Jagex should have asked players questions about EoC.

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It is crucial to know how EoC came about. The exact circumstances that led to RS gold its birth are the same as Solomon and SoF. It is imposed upon players. Recently, a Jmod wrote about a poster who had posted bugs in BA. This was great constructive feedback. Posters later noted that even though the bugs were all discovered and sent to Jagex, they still made the final cut.

Players weren't at the beginning, not until two years ago and neither in the final phase. Runescape cannot be sustained by not focusing on players. EVE Online doesn't, WoW doesn't. Both these services were jaw-droppingly better than Runescape. So I don't worry about the survival of EVE or WoW. "Because it has been proven to be efficient. ", well Runescape would never have been created If that logic is applicable to the latest updates. MMOs have been around for 15 years. You don't have to wait for long for traditional panaceas.

Jagex is pursuing easy money. The gambling that is not regulated by SoF allows is a highly addicting game. It's a natural fit. Is it an investment that will last? It's not. Nope. There are two reasons. The first is that players will get bored of it. Second, the law will fall behind. However, lawmakers will catch up once they realize there are tax dollars readily available. Japan experienced this recently. They had to control their games for social purposes which allowed some gambling, and they almost ended all gaming businesses. Since at that point, they weren't concerned about the sport, only the money.

Jagex should have asked players questions about EoC. It would have given them dual wielding and the abilities like dropping items or emotes, and then a slower progression. If not. This could have helped make the world a better place. It's a bit absurd that Jagex refuses to inquire from players what they would like. It's as if they cannot handle change unless it's under their control. In these situations the current mission is a good idea. The End of Extinction.

The economy is down due to the fact that a large number of players have stopped playing. The game is missing many items like sharks, rocktails and ore and bars, and buy OSRS gold armor. that are available, but there aren't enough players buying them, so the price of these items is crashing. This is the reason why a lot of armour has fallen, but they'll eventually return to balance.