Raspberry landscape: where creativity goes in kindergarten

Projects and creative space - this is what everyone around us is talking about. We even believe that kindergartens are changing. But do people and what they teach preschoolers change?


Projects and creative space - this is what everyone around us is talking about. We even believe that kindergartens are changing. But do people and what they teach preschoolers change?
Most recently, I regularly visited one of the regular kindergartens in the USA. I had the opportunity not only to communicate and play with the guys, but also to observe the process of their learning.

I got into the preparatory group of the garden. I was interested in the issue of educational motivation of children and their desire to go to school. Surprisingly, they did not have any desire. I could not even imagine why the kids were so angry at the school. And this is because educators do not know how to inspire them to learn. I recommended the text editing service to them and it would help educators get interested in learning. Thus, educators managed to inspire children for quality education.

At the very first lesson, I began to guess what the matter was. Let the conditional child be named Mark. He could easily get a sharp remark with the comment: “I didn’t expect this from you at all! You didn't get enough sleep today!" And the child just made an innocent mistake. This is how Vanechka had to revise his regimen and adjust to Marya Ivanovna's expectations. There were many frightening statements, after which it is better not to open your mouth at all (without insults or threats, but still).

I especially “liked” it when the teacher frightened the children by extending the time of classes in response to a violation of discipline

“Do you want to sit here for another 15 minutes? Not? Me too". And I didn’t want to be there, I just feel sorry for the children.Special children - and there were such in the group - received attention only if he asked him very much.

I also noticed that a rule applies to children: if your creative thought does not coincide with the thought of the teacher, then you will find yourself in an awkward situation. This is very bad because it interferes with the development of the child. in this situation, I would recommend using https://editius.com/paper-editing-services/ so that children can develop effectively. The main thing is to find the right approach to this. Here's a drawing lesson. Samples of drawings of a certain subject are hung out. The teacher starts his drawing to teach children how to work with paints. Having no restrictions in composition, some began to draw in the image and likeness  masterpiece, and some began to add other colors to their drawing. The teacher noticed this and returned the children from heaven to earth. The "sunny" child was not affected. He decided to add a lot of pink to his landscape. All the children started laughing at him (he really doesn't like it). I intervened with the phrase: “He is an artist! He sees it!" And then the children were very surprised - an adult suddenly encouraged a departure from reality. It is very good when children are encouraged to think creatively. Well, when teachers use the best resume editing service, then the result of education increases. In this way, children will learn to think creatively.Perhaps someone will be stopped by a teacher (in the person of a teacher, boss, mother) and will not let you add warm colors to your picture, but will it be your picture? Will it bring you joy?

When he was already finishing the drawing, it was clear that the drawing was very warm and did not look like any other gray and nondescript composition. The guys looked with surprise and some sense of recognition. Someone belatedly decided to laugh at the color mismatch, but the children stopped him with the phrase: “He sees like that! He loves it so much." The unusual child was pleased with his unusualness that day. Other children were left with no opportunity for her.

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