Our main theme is at keeping using the countryside setting.


The theme is at fitting using the location and venue that was a barn within the Cotswolds. We had lots of whites and greenery to make sure a lovely rustic feel. We also were built with a gin theme having a gin table plan with various bottles around the tables. We wanted it to appear very pretty as well as for people to feel comfortable, instead of formal and in a position to kick back and party. Let’s be truthful anything else for the reason that sort of venue might have looked unnatural, therefore we kept it classic and straightforward. With the date from the wedding, it had been still cool, therefore it still allowed us to roast on open fires outside within the evening which created an attractive atmosphere. We also were built with a photo booth for any bit of fun. For us, it had been important to produce the right atmosphere for individuals to enjoy themselves.

What was it is important for you to have at the wedding?

My husband, family after which friends...for the reason that order. Did you have an idea of what style or form of dress you had been looking for?

I knew that I wanted simple wedding dresses having a strong cut but relatively streamlined. Nothing too big or fussy. I wasn't too interested in lots of lace or anything like this. Click

Did you try lots of dresses on before you decide to find the ONE?

The FeelTimes dress is at I didn't trust myself that I might know having barely tried every other dress on. So, I proceeded to four other shops and tried more dresses on. I should've trusted my gut as I promptly went right back to get the very first one! My mum and sister were beside me when I found my perfect dress and I took my bridesmaids towards the others. I loved the dress from the very first minute I use it. The cut, fabric, and fit were perfect. My mum and sister both immediately loved it too so I must say it had been quite a simple decision.

Any strategies for future brides?

Don't overthink it, don't overcomplicate it. Remember what you prefer and is comfortable for any day of partying when selecting a dress. Admittedly I tripped over mine around the first dance so must have worn it a little before the special day. Remember your family and friends are all there so turn it into a day to allow them to remember, a appreciation being there goes quite a distance but you probably don't will need to go overboard. Take a look at Pinterest and also the wedding magazines and websites and all sorts of will give you ideas than the one you hadn't even considered!

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