Space and timing are crucial for a successful putback dunk

Space and timing are crucial for a successful putback dunk


Space and timing are crucial for a successful putback dunk. Make sure you hit the button when 2K22 MT the ball is up in the air and you don't have any other players trying to steal the rebound are crucial to seal the putback dunk you made in NBA 2K22.

Standing dunks are executed by pressing on the shooting button (square or X) or by flicking the left stick upwards while holding RT or R2. Standing dunks are executed by center players or forwards using the elite or pro Dunk packs within NBA 2K22. The player should be standing with no defenders in the vicinity to perform this move.

A dunk that is aggressive can be accomplished by holding the triggers R2 or RT and flicking the left stick anywhere while running. Dunks that are aggressive can be done by anyone who has elite dunking equipment like Ja Morant, Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson.

It's fine if the defenders are close to the ball in the case of elite players because they possess the required attributes to perform spectacularly over them. If you have your player sprint from the backcourt and possess endurance increases the chances of completing the move.

Contact dunks are done by holding down the RT or R2 with the left stick pointed upwards as you sprint toward the basket. There should be a defensive player protecting the paint in order that the player is able to finish the contact dunk on top of him.

Elite finishers have a greater probability of cheap NBA 2K22 mt buy finishing contact dunks than defenders. The players who have the elite or pro packages are able to get contact dunks but the challenge to finish them increases for players with blockers and paint defenses that are high.