The best guide for players to earn more skill points in Lost Ark

The best guide for players to earn more skill points in Lost Ark


If you've already reached level 50 in Lost Ark, you may find that you still can't get your eight different skills up to max level. The main reason for this is the huge amount of skill point potions and higher skill point potions scattered all over Aksia waiting to be collected, but partly because the actual level cap is 60.

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To earn skill points in Lost Ark, players can use a number of methods, some of which are sluggish. Players can follow the guide below to learn how to obtain all skill point potions in the Western version of Lost Ark. Additionally, players can pursue even greater progress by purchasing secure Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS.

In Lost Ark, as long as players play the game and upgrade to level 60 for a long time, they will get an additional 60 skill points. Additionally, skills can even be boosted to level 11 at level 55 and level 12 at level 60, which is why players should prioritize starting collecting skill point potions as soon as possible.

Players can earn skill point potions from book of adventure completion percentages. In most cases, players have a chance to be on any of Lost Ark's 13 continents by simply raising unique monsters, clearing two dungeon difficulties, purchasing or raising all collectibles, and cooking food for most regions 50% or higher. How to Find the Best Lost Ark Gold Seller? MMOWTS can help you.

Players can also obtain skill point potions from the two towers near the Dimensional Cube and Boss Rush statues in any major city. However, to be clear, players should do both towers on the Alt, as the rewards for both are mostly roster shareable. Then, they should clear these towers, as the reward becomes mainly honing materials and engraving books for the second time.

In addition to that, Lost Ark Gold players can earn them by completing side quests that award skill point potions. It's worth noting that on alt characters, players can re-complete non-roster quests for additional rewards, but not for additional skill point potions. If players are missing Lost Ark Gold in the game, they can always visit MMOWTS to purchase it. The professional team of MMOWTS will provide players with the best quality service.