Squadsy: Providing Automated Employee Onboarding Software

Squadsy helps in making the automated employee onboarding services smooth and easy and also helps in retaining employees in the long run.


When you work hard and with dedication, you are bound to receive good results. After years of working hard, now that your business has grown so much is proof of that. As amazing as it is that your business has grown, the level of responsibility must have also increased, right?

With the growing business and responsibilities, the first thing a company can do is to hire new employees. Now, with the workload increased onboarding at scale can be challenging and an automated employee onboarding process software can go a long way in helping HR teams manage growth.

Squadsy helps companies create engaging employee experiences through employee onboarding process software. The various benefits of Squadsy are

● Sending automated personalized e-mails and welcome messages and videos to the new employees,

● Assigning of daily tasks made easy, quick, and hassle-free,

● Informing about company’s values, mission, code of conduct, agenda etc

● Keeping a progress track of new employees,

● Getting feedback from new employees.

● Knowing and resolving employee doubts and issues.

Squadsy helps in making the automated employee onboarding services smooth and easy and also helps in retaining employees in the long run.

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