Path of Exile guide: Choose the build which is easy and accessible

Normally, if you intend to spend time researching Path of Exile, you will better watch basic game guides for novices, such as the 43-minute video guide shared by user Zizaran.


When you enter Path of Exile for the first time and plan to start an adventure, the biggest problem you will encounter is how to decide how your character should grow. Diablo III does not confuse players, because each class has specific skills, players only need to collect equipment and gems that can further increase the damage of the skills. However, the class in the POE is almost irrelevant. What really determines the future of the character is how you allocate it on the passive skill tree. You can choose to become a swordsman when creating a character, and then assign all passive skill points to wisdom, he can use the staff to cast fireballs or frost rays on the enemy in the distance. You can also turn a witch into a melee madman, as long as you improve her passive ability as much as possible and find a suitable sledge hammer for her.

As a POE player with many years of experience, my suggestion is that you do not need to Buy POE Items consider efficiency and intensity when playing for the first time, as long as you play the game the way you like. But there are some players who want to become more professional in a short time. They do n’t want to waste dozens of hours cleaning monsters, just because they don’t configure viable POE Builds. These players are lucky because there are many enthusiastic POE players who will share their gaming experience in the community. It is worth noting that it is best not to try to find the so-called best POE Builds at the beginning, otherwise the concepts and terminology may be more confusing than the game itself.

Normally, if you intend to spend time researching Path of Exile, you will better watch basic game guides for novices, such as the 43-minute video guide shared by user Zizaran. Although it takes a lot of time to watch the entire video, this guide can make your journey on Path of Exile smoother, because it contains all the game knowledge that players should know. Of course, if you just want to kill monsters quickly with cool skill combinations, there are some quick set of tips in the community.

One of the good things about Fall of Oriath's launch (which brings Path of Exile up to version 3.0) is that sweeping balance changes and new skills means the whole metagame has been thrown out. The community has created a lot of recent builds to play with. After doing a little searching, I chanced on YouTuber Engineering Eternity who has the fantastic beginner build guides. Though there's still some jargon to find out, Engineering Eternity solves one among the most important problems with many guides I read by walking you thru the leveling process. Rather than just showing you what the build will appear as if within the endgame, he breaks the guide into major leveling milestones, providing you with smaller, more digestible goals to figure toward.

I went along with his Scorching Ray Necromancer build, which revolves around melting enemies under a blast of the fireside and letting its damage over time ability finish them off while I progress to the following group. It's a superb POE Currency build that I like to recommend anyone use because it is not overly reliant on gear. I still felt confused but I finally had a lantern that might be a minimum of illuminate the following few steps I had to require. That made Path of Exile far more accessible, and that I began to see why it's such zealous fans.

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