Fans worry that the World of Warcraft movie will leak Sylvanas’ storyline

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Players started the latest World of Warcraft expansion by chasing the former warchief and current villain Sylvanas Windrunner from the veil to the Shadowlands. But despite this, we only saw a glimpse of her in the cutscene. Wowhead has also used Sylvanas' latest cutscenes for data mining from Torghast's "Twisted Corridor", and fans have reacted-and worried about Sylvanas' final fate.

Sylvanas has committed numerous war crimes in the WOW Classic Gold past decade. She may be behind the Wrath Gate in Wrath of the Lich King. In the cataclysm, she absolutely opposed the bombing of Gilneas country by the explicit order of tribal power. In the Legion, she tried to kidnap and enslave El of Queen Val'kyr. In the battle for Azeroth, she carried out genocide through arson, began to expand, and then continued to murder, control her mind and spread cruel lies, until she resigned and fled to the afterlife.

It's hard to see how someone will recover as a hero from all bad behavior, but redemption in World of Warcraft has always been a very strange thing. Certain characters will come back and have a good day, proving that both ends always justify their methods. The former blood elf prince Kael’thas Suntrider is starting his own redemption in the vampire hell of Revendreth. Alternate Grom Hellscream redeemed himself with Draenor. Maiev Shadowsong killed a lot of people, but she apologized, so everyone was cool to her.

The template for this comeback trip comes from another Blizzard game: Sarah Kerrigan, also known as "Queen of Blades." Her story is almost parallel to the story of Sylvanas: they are all accepted and become agents of foreign invading forces. Both of them got rid of mind control and used the newly discovered power to cause serious damage. But Kerrigan eventually became a great hero. He rose to the position of Space God and freed everyone from the biggest dilemma.

Will Sylvanas do this? The above movie seems to imply that she has a conscience after all, and the cutest boy in Warcraft is pulling her heartstrings. But on the other hand, the scenes in the movie are exactly the same as the iconic Lich King TV show trailer. A similar comparison was made after the Shadowlands movie trailer-it seems possible that Blizzard might try to get fans to consider the similarities between the two characters.

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