The mechanics for pick-and-rolls have been adjusted for NBA 2K22

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If you score on all ten attempts, it will give Nba 2k22 Mt you three stars on this drill, while hitting five buckets will earn two stars for this drill. The CPU opponent will play a full-court press on you, but this can easily gain an advantage from the speed break.

This is a drill that's perfect for a guard that tries to learn their passing and timing against the big men. This drill is among the more realistic scenarios played in games because players are trying to execute the right pick-and roll to earn full marks.

The mechanics for pick-and-rolls have been adjusted for NBA 2K22 so this is the perfect practice to familiarize yourself with the new system. All that you need to do is do is make the right read and the correct pass to score the full points you deserve with your teammate.

Two-Nine sees you try to keep three opponents from scoring at the same time. You will need to achieve ten stops from 10 to earn full marks while only making five stops will earn you two stars. This is a great way to train for stars since you do not require high marks overall score or badges to score excellently.

Your opponent will either drive or shoot buy nba 2k22 mt coins upon receiving the ball. It is important to read what they do after they have caught the ball, so you can decide if they want to keep the driving lane clear or challenge the shot. The NBA 2K22 method gives players enough time to create your defensive posture prior to trying to score. This practice is a great method to test your defensive ability.