Which is the best institute of ANTHROPOLOGY optional for UPSC?

Which is the best institute of ANTHROPOLOGY optional for UPSC?


The best institute of anthropology optional subject for UPSC is, hands down, Sapiens IAS. The presence of Mr Pradip Sarkar makes this institute the most sought after UPSC Anthropology Coaching Institute in India.


Anthropology is an optional subject for competing in UPSC which means it has a low weightage as compared to other subjects. But that does not mean you do not pay attention to it at all. This is a subject that could sail you through your MAINS exam with ease.


Anthropology consists of four basic branches namely, Linguistic Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural anthropology, and Archaeology. A student must have a hold over all these branches to excel in the subject of anthropology.


- The best institute of anthropology optional by far is Sapiens IAS. Sapiens IAS has its main institute in Delhi.

-       Infrastructure is one of the main aspects while looking out for a place to study, right? Well Sapiens IAS is situated in a building with a proper and hygienic washroom and potable water facilities.

- This institute is the best in class especially for anthropology because of the high quality of services provided by Mr. Pradip Sarkar.

-       Sapiens IAS is the leading institution providing a course specifically in anthropology optional. This makes it the best option for students wanting to opt for this subject for their UPSC.

- What makes this institute the best is the guidance and hard work of Mr. Pradip Sarkar. Mr. Pradip Sarkar is regarded as the best teacher or coach for anthropology optional. He is the best in his field. 

- Mr. Sarkar puts a lot of hard work into teaching his students. All the notes and worksheet provided to every student is hand made by none other than Mr. Sarkar. This clearly shows his dedication to the development of Sapiens IAS.

- Another major reason why Sapiens IAS is ranked as one of the best anthropology optional institutes is because of its provision for online classes

- It is true that offline classes are more effective since it allows the student to interact with the teacher face to face. But an online class is more approachable.