Leaked World of Warcraft movie shows Sylvanas is not that evil

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WoW players should think that Sylvanas Windrunner is one of the biggest villains in World of Warcraft. Of course, she did not lead an interstellar army of demons like Sargeras, but for more than ten years, she has been in a certain gloomy state. Recently, she stopped the undead sword stand on the WOW Classic Gold throne lining the skull. , As the player’s main enemy. She burned the entire city and most of its residents to the ground, and conducted a nuclear test in the once human capital, Lordaeron. Now she kidnapped most of the leaders of Azeroth and brought them to the afterlife to torture them, because of God Know what their purpose is.

She is definitely a bad guy who desperately needs justice, but the cutscene of the latest data mining in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands shows that Sylvanas may not be as evil as she pretends.

Wowhead data miners unearthed relevant cutscenes, and they believe it will be unlocked in the new Torghast wing, Torghast is a rogue dungeon in Shadowlands called Twisting Corridors. Unlocking the Twisted Corridor requires completing a multi-week mission line, but some players should be able to access it this week and trigger the cutscenes correctly.

If you haven't played Shadowlands, then the short summary is that Sylvanas imprisoned many leaders of Azeroth in a large cosmic prison, Torgst. She and the jailer, the mysterious demigods who rule the hell of the Shadowlands, are torturing them and trying to win their aid to destroy the rigid shadow bureaucracy.

In "Warcraft", the deadly souls of the mourners are judged by a cosmic classification hat, and then permanently imprisoned in countless death domains based on their lifestyle. Five of these areas are the actual areas where players experience adventures, and almost all areas are scary. Just like, if you live a life of honor and kindness, you will head to the fortress, where blue skin freaks will erase all your memories, so you can quietly indulge in eternity.

Sylvanas escaped from Shadowlands on the back after Arthas killed her in Warcraft 3. But she and Jailer chose to try to implement a better solution in the most evil way possible-even though we don't know the details yet.

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