Long-Cut Black Buffalo: Top-Notch Product



Developing Industrial Leadership

Black Buffalo long cut products have been matching or exceeding industrial superiority in a range of ways. Our current product lineup spans five flavors of the nicotine-free varieties, product in two unique formats. The two formats are long cut tins and dipping pouches, each addressing the two primary preferences of smokeless tobacco use. The tins span only three of the five flavors while the pouches span all five flavors. Our long cut products are produced in 1.2 ounce packages, and our pouches are produced in .82 ounce cans. While our current flavors span wintergreen, mint, straight, peach, and blood orange, we may extend additional flavors into additional product types as market and scientific research continue.


Continuing to work to optimize consumer experience, we continue to invest in research and development in addition to market trend analysis. This has involved over 20,000 hours of applied research and development, months invested in recipe perfection, and experimentation with a range of species types as we attempt to optimize base product in addition to additives applied. We have researched “Big Tobacco” trends in an attempt to establish what our organization has regarded as a minimum standard for product superiority, and have been able to achieve high sales and industrial growth by ensuring our products contain all aspects of consumer favorites without any traits that have been observed to be not preferred.


Product Optimization

Our road to product optimization has involved a combination of product replication and applied strategic engineering. We have invested in numerous scientific research analyses while working with agricultural specialists and bioengineers in an attempt to ensure that our products at least match the best of what consumers have reported to be their favorites. We have ensured our products have the premium appearance, taste, packaging, and texture of the most preferred products in industry, and our analyses of market trends and scientific engineering have allowed us to ensure we can match or exceed all current industrial preferences. People have been able to use these products to continue their rituals and aspects of enjoyment without the use of nicotine or tobacco, and our organization continues to work to ensure that we provide consumers with everything that they like and nothing that they do not like in their past favorite product experiences. We continue to invest in domestic and international developments to ensure that we have a thorough knowledge of both what consumers absolutely prefer and what is possible in product development. We appreciate all consumer feedback regarding how we can potentially develop a superior product or better provide service as a competitor in the present industry.