This year, the update and expansion of Path of Exile will be delayed

This year, the update and expansion of Path of Exile will be delayed


In recent years, Path of Exile has been updated and expanded more and more times, and now a timetable for each new version has been established. Each update of Path of Exile is intended to solve the delay problem of the old system. However, the new coronavirus that has swept the world recently delayed the extension of Path of Exile, which lasted from March to June and may be even longer.

Let's examine Monday's statement from the trail of Exile website (emphasis is that the developers):

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As many of you're already aware, we've completed eight of the 13 weeks of this development cycle from home which could be a significant amount of lost time in terms of face-to-face and group collaboration. Our team worked hard to quickly befit the new work paradigm but there have definitely been some difficulties in working this fashion that have made development a touch slower. Thanks to this, we've already internally delayed the expansion's launch by one week from its originally expected launch date.

It is important to us that we release a high-quality expansion in June and that we will take the time to try and do this if we feel that we want an extra week or two. While we tried hard to attain this within our regular 13 week schedule, development certainly has not been business-as-usual over the previous couple of months.

We are currently getting to announce the three.11 expansions on June 2 at 2 pm (PDT) , roughly time period from now. This suggests that we're working toward a launch date of June 19 for PC and Midsummer Day for the console. However, it's extremely important to notice that more so than any past expansion, it's extremely possible this launch are going to be further delayed.

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The pandemic has safely made predicting the discharge date of this league very difficult. There's currently an inexpensive possibility that the expansion is going to be delayed by an extra week and an occasional chance that it'll be delayed farther beyond that.

Grinding Gear notes that with this state of the globe and with everything up within the air across all industries, it is best to be as transparent as possible. While they didn't mention anything on Path of Exile 2, it is reasonably assumed that development on the dungeon crawler's sequel has taken a giant hit, as well. We'll report on any new information because it comes in.

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"Path of Exile: Delirium" is gaining popularity on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Although Path of Exile is tentatively released in June, will it continue to be postponed because of the epidemic? We don't know. The content of this expansion is unclear, but Shacknews is definitely at the top of the story.