How to Write a CV in 2022 - CV writing tips - CV format example

The cv gets you the interview and if you would like to know how to write a professional cv that will make the hiring manager want to read it through over and over then you better watch this video up to the end because i'm going to share with you what the recruitment manager is loo


I've been able to help  most of my clients with this simple advice take a look at this evil that i received from  lawrence dear daniel i'm happy to inform you that after you guys reviewed my resume i received  three different calls for interviews within a span of 24 hours within a span of one week i  attended all the interviews unfortunate enough i secured all the three jobs this was after a  pregnant search for a job for one whole year i only had the difficult task choosing which  one to go for but eventually i opted for one and politely and professionally declined the other  two thanks a great deal and please convey my gratitude to your entire team.

You are sincerely 

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Lawrence without further ado let's get started where i help professionals succeed in their career  and if this is your first time here i'd like to ask you please subscribe to my channel press the  bell button so you can get to know each and every time i release a new video to start i think it is  important for us to define what is a professional cv unfortunately most people have cvs which is  just a documentation of where they went to school the courses they did where they have worked and  a list of the responsibilities and if you are a fresh graduate there is very little for you to put  in there however a professional cv is a document that you use to market yourself think about any  company that has a product or a service and they want it to be consumed by the public what do  they do they will advertise on newspaper radio tv billboards but we don't have the luxury of  having a billboard about ourselves and our skills we use a professional cv you also need to be very  clear on what is it that you're selling in your cv you're selling your skills your capabilities your  experience your qualifications to the employer so how you put them across is very important  according to a famous study it is say that on average the hiring manager takes about six seconds  or less to decide.

If they're going to read through your cv or they will throw it in the bin i want  you to take a look at this save here this is what most cv layout look like the information can you  be able to gather what this person can do as i can see yes it's daniel motuku mail kenyan marriage  date of bad id number all this information is very important information to you however it does not  say anything about your ability to do work what value you're bringing on board so it is important  for you to think about how do you structure your professional cv that leads me to the second bit of  video where i want to share with you the structure of a professional cv as you start writing your  professional cv the first thing that should appear on top of that document is your contact details  now your contact details you only need to put in your name your email address and your phone number  that is the quickest way for the hiring manager to contact you to invite you for an interview  you don't need to put in your postal address in this day and age i'm yet to see someone who was  invited for an interview through a letter from the post office it doesn't happen so that information at this point you don't need to put it in your cv.

It will just be consuming valuable space in your  cv actually what is on the front page of your cv or what we call above the fold of your cv the  second section that you need to have is a personal profile i want to suggest to you to get rid of the  career objectives section audio cv and put in a personal branding statement this is your personal  profile it is a short paragraph explaining or summarizing like your whole career what are your  skills what are your qualifications what are your experiences what is your value and what are you  bringing on board it is very short and precise but its main aim is to pick the curiosity of the  reader so that they would want to read through the whole document a section that you needed your  cv and i think this is the most overlooked section is the skills section you should be able to list  and have a more detailed section of your skills trying to include both the soft skills like  communication skills problem solving skills and hard skills which are very specific to your  career line beats logic to include that you have good communication skills and yet from your  cv you're not able to communicate clearly what value you're bringing on board.

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So you need to be  very careful and think through the kind of skills that you're putting across another very important  section is the work experience and most people do it wrong how do you do it right first you list  your work experience in reverse chronological order starting with the latest position going to  the older ones now if you have a lot of experience the latest three positions that you held you  should be able to give a little bit more details and the rest of the older position you can just  list them in bullet points or in a very brief manner now when you're listing  again your work experience step the year the duration that you are there aim  of the organization and the position that you held instead of jumping straight and listing  down the responsibilities that you had why not be unique and put in your achievements now  achievements are what sets you apart might have two individuals working in the same organization  for the same period of time in the same position but they will have very different achievements  this is what sets you apart so think about what are some of the achievements that you have had  in that position what are you thinking about achievement think about saving costs increasing revenue or saving time improving efficiency of a process or even helping out a gland.

There is  a very big difference between achievement and responsibilities achievements are things that you  did that had a great impact to the company or to a client while responsibilities are things that  are done by anyone in that position they're not very different or unique to you another section  that you need to include in a professional cv is the qualification section and here you just  list the different qualifications that you have if you are a very qualified person you just pick  up the most relevant qualification of the recent qualification i don't expect someone with a  phd listing like where they went for their primary school i'm sure there's nothing you  taught in private school or secondary school that has a direct impact in your ability to work  probably at that particular point if you are a recent graduate you can give more information  about your qualification just like work experience your qualifications should be listed in reverse  chronological order starting with the latest going towards the older qualifications another  section again this is another overlooked section is additional information this section you include  anything and everything that is going to add value to your application it might not be very directly  related to the position that you're applying to or your career field but it has a professional  look at it think about any awards any certifications that you have received recognition  project publication seminars workshop conferences anything that you have done in your professional  life that is going to add value and give you that added advantage compared to any other candidates.

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So it is very important for you to think through what are some of the other additional information  that you can be able to add here sometimes you can also include your hobbies and interests they don't  really add much value but if your interests and hobbies have a relationship with the kind of job  that you're looking for it would be important also to include them here think about if you're  applying for a writing job and one of your hobbies is that you have a blog you have you're  running a blog then that would really add value to your application and to your cv oh i jump to my  bonus tip i want to say this here at career point solutions we offer free cv review and recently  we started offering free career coaching session so if you are interested in taking advantage of  this free service i would ask you to head over to for slash cv review submit  your cv for free review and also book a session where one of our coaches will give you  a call and you can be able to discuss what are your career goals and  how we can help you get there as you surpass the current challenges that you are  facing and now to the bonus tip you need to use keywords in your cv keywords are phrases or ones  that you use in your cv that will make it easier for the application tracking system ats software  to be able to pick up your cv now companies are using the ats which is a software that enables  them to deter the enormous number of applications they receive so it's a software that tries to pick  up keywords comparing keywords in your cv and the job description and there are different types of  keywords that you might want to consider including in your cv in the description of this video i've  put in a link to an article where i explain the different types of keywords that you will need  to consider propagating your cv and how they can be able to help you stand out better competition  and of course they are very friendly to the ats software so take a look at this other  video on how to apply for a job by mail.