Global Hair Weave Market

Global Hair Weave MarketGlobal Hair Weave Market


Global Hair Weave Market

The global hair weave market exhibited strong growth during 2015-2020. Hair weave refers to an artificial hairpiece attached to the wearer's natural hair by interweaving, fusing, gluing, or blending. It can either be made from real human hair or can be manufactured synthetically by man-made blended fibers. A hair weave can help in adding length, volume, texture, and color to the natural hair. Furthermore, it is used in camouflaging baldness or hair thinning along with catering to several beauty and grooming needs. Owing to this, hair weaves are widely used by both men and women in different forms, including fusion hair weave, clip in hair weave, glue in hair weave, and sew in hair weave, etc.To get more news about wig shop, you can visit official website.
The global hair weave market is currently driven by a number of factors. This includes the rising consumer consciousness towards physical appearance, increasing need for camouflaging baldness, growing demand for non-surgical treatment of hair loss, emergence of e-commerce platforms, etc. The high prevalence of hectic and stressful lifestyles is resulting in excessive hair fall, baldness, hair thinning, etc. This has catalyzed the demand for hair weaves. Additionally, the rising geriatric population along with pre-mature baldness among young men is also driving the product demand. Furthermore, the growing consciousness towards beauty and physical appearance coupled with an increasing need for non-surgical solutions to overcome hair loss and baldness is further driving the demand for hair weaves. Moreover, the changing consumer preferences towards hair weaves owing to their natural look, high hair density, cost-effectiveness, and wide availability in desired color, style, and texture, is also augmenting the market growth.

Moreover, the rising consumer living standards supported by their growing disposable income levels have increased the per capita expenditure on personal grooming products, such as hair weaves. Additionally, the rising acceptance of hair weaves and extensions by global celebrities along with the high influence of beauty trends prevalent across social media platforms further bolsters the product demand. Apart from this, easy availability of hair weaves across several offline specialty stores as well as on various e-commerce sites has also propelled the market growth. With various technological upgradations, several manufacturers are launching newer and innovative products in the market, which will continue to spur the growth of the global hair weave market in the coming years. The market, however, is also facing strong competition from surgical hair restoration procedures such as hair transplants. Overall, the publisher expects the global hair weave market to grow at a CAGR of around 8% during the forecast period (2021-2026).