you go to cheap OSRS Gold the council and they have to turn him over to authorities

you go to cheap OSRS Gold the council and they have to turn him over to authorities


Halfway through apprehending this non life, you find a portal site, and out pops Zanik PogChamp, and she can help you apprehend the man. Eventually, you go to cheap OSRS Gold the council and they have to turn him over to authorities that are Misthain that -understandably- upsets Zanik. She storms out and you go to find and console her. At precisely the exact same time, they are taking the H.A.M representative back to the surface. He gets sniped with a sterile of Zanik and she ends up eluding the towns' police. It leads you to locate her at the caves south of town.

This is really where my favourite portion of the storyline's a little part.a sweet part. It showcases the relationship between you the player and Zanik. This is the part where you are able to say something to her or sit. When I first played this exploration I remember looking at these options, and believing,"F**k yeah let me sit with my very best friend in all Gielinor and have a lil chat."

I said nothing originally and again today once I replayed it, you can do this three times while she vents to you I did every single time till I managed to say something different. I opted to say nothing, she is not asking for a response, she is asking herself. was said by me. Then she says,"I just.I don't know what came over me." She is hoping to comprehend. Cave goblins, like herself, are, in this scenario, she could not control herself. It had been just like her"neanderthal" self took over. Zanik states,"I was so angry. I mean, he was hoping to kill the children! I could think of was that he had been trying to kill the children and he deserved to die, and the council would not do it"

She's trying to justify herself.and it's fair but the council made their choice. This is ONE of my preferred choices that I get to choose. It is possible to say,"Regardless of the council was right","Yes, you're right" or my favourite alternative. When you choose that Zanik agrees that you're right. She voiced that she wants she hadn't done it. Following that, you can ask her"Do you wish he was alive nevertheless","Would you wish I'd killed him?","Would you wish the council murdered him?" OR:"You've killed H.A.M members before." I picked this because I wanted to understand her remorse.

She reminds you, it was about survival these additional instances, it was her or I immediately spend the amount on buy OSRS Gold restocking them. Then she notes:"This time, he had been seized. It is totally different. I wish I had not done it." LIKE WHAT? Is Zanik not anyones' beloved character? Dead incorrect and regrets it immediately. Then you could as her.what do you wish had occurred as a new option, I picked that then, and I chose it again, her heartwarming.