Wolves, witches and Ukrainians rap for Eurovision.

Will it be Norway's banana-eating wolves, France's coven of witches or Britain's space man?


Wolves, witches and rapping Ukrainians compete for Eurovision title


Or maybe a Greek with a death wish. A sleek Lithuanian singer with a pitch-black bowl, or Serbian?

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The list of finalists for the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday It's generally weird. But with the roar of war on the Eastern Front of the Continent Ukrainian hip-hop music is a song that must be conquered.

The public outcry following the invasion of Russia, the Kalush Orchestra's tribute to the Motherland is a favorite of bookies to succeed in the world's largest live music event with tens of millions of viewers.

The kitschy, groundbreaking Eurovision competition embraces the whimsical and 66th edition of the contest, held in the northwestern Italian city of Turin, is no exception, with national contenders exemplifying the allure of the competition - nothing happens.