Essential Amenities for All Hotel Guests



As you are shopping around for the right hotel for your next visit, you will need to look at some of the amenities that they will offer. There are a few basic amenities that should be included at every hotel, whether you stay at a luxury hotel or not. Many of these are expected by guests and can lead to bad reviews and disappointment if they are not present. A few of the amenities that must be present before you stay at any hotel will include:

# On-site parking: If you drove all the way to get to the hotel, having on-site parking can make your life a little bit easier. It is even better if you can find free parking at the hotel.

# Free Wi-Fi: No one wants to go to a hotel, get ready to unwind, and then find out that they have to pay money to get internet access to their computer. Most hotel guests will expect some sort of internet service, whether they will use their computer for fun or for work.

# Plenty of outlets: You will need to plug in your computer, your phone, and even some of your beauty supplies. Make sure that your hotel of choice is going to have space to do this.

# Food options; Most of the best hotels are going to offer some kind of food for the guests. Some will have something as simple as a continental breakfast and others are going to offer more fine dining restaurants and lounges to make it a great experience for all.

# Pools: Most guests will enjoy some kind of pool when they go to a hotel. If they are bringing kids along, they will search out a pool for the kids to bounce around in and have some fun. This can give them a break and allows the kids to wear out that energy after a long day of traveling.

# Entertainment: There are many hotels that are adding in some kind of entertainment to draw the guests in. Whether this is as simple as many TV channels or more amenities like books, video games, and board games, find a hotel that offers the entertainment that you need.


Staying at a luxury hotel in Queenstown, NZ can provide you with these basic amenities, plus many more that are going to make the stay one of the best that you have ever had. Whether you want to go all out and have a great adventure while you are in the Queenstown area or you are trying to keep it low-key and just have a ton of comfort and style, a luxury hotel in the area can be a smart decision to help you get that done.