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Except stainless steel, there are many other watch case materials, such as alloy, titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic etc. No matter if you are starting your watch business or shopping for a watch, the watch case is one of the main features to consider. Here we list alloy, titanium, carbon fiber, ceramic case materials to help you make the decision of which watch case material is right for you.

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Alloy - An alloy is a combination of a metal with at least one other metal or non-metal. The most common way to combine metals in an alloy is by melting them, mixing them, and then allowing them to solidify and cool to room temperature. Alloy is a cheap material when used for watch cases. Shelf life of plating color will fade in a short time: 1 year at most; furthermore, the maximum water resistance is 3 ATM for an alloy watch.

Titanium - Titanium resists corrosion and is also hypoallergenic, a relief for those with metal allergies. But its dull silver surface makes it look less stellar than an ordinary stainless steel watch. They can be used regularly and can withstand the normal environment quite easily. Its dull gray appearance, extreme hardness and light weight seemed apt to anoint it as the next big thing in watchmaking. Titanium may not make much sense on paper, but once on the wrist, it needs no explanation.

Carbon Fiber - Especially when it comes to sports watches, Watches Manufacturers have tried to use various solutions to create a watch case that cannot be scratched. Carbon fiber is an alternative option as it is durable due to the fibers, plus the carbon fiber watch is super light.

Ceramic - This material is comfortable to wear and a popular choice for luxury watches due to its long-lasting shine. It's also nonporous, easy to clean, and lighter than most materials. Therefore, it can be produced in a wide variety of shades and finishes. However, it is not as impact resistant as steel. Ceramic will simply break, leaving you with an expensive repair bill, so it should be used very carefully. A ceramic watch is very expensive, since it is unique and has to be made to measure. Watches Manufacturer has engaged in watches field for over 25 years, they have abundant experience in manufacturing many kinds of watches. Watches Factory is the Key point for good business relations.