Living in Portugal: Must-See Attractions in Portugal

Living in Portugal: Must-See Attractions in Portugal


Whether you live in Portugal or you are planning to move to this country, there are a few places that you must visit. This European country was one of the five super powers of the colonial era, along with France, Spain, Netherlands, and Great Britain. Its rich cultural heritage and spectacular landscapes attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. Portugal has a reliable public transportation system, so you can easily travel from one city to another and visit the most popular museums and art galleries. Each spot has its unique culture and landmarks.

St. George's Castle

St. George's Castle (Castelo de Sao Jorge) in Lisbon offers a Porto Attractions tickets offers unique view of the city. This fortress is home to a small archeological museum and several gardens where geese, peacocks and ducks strut around. Visitors can admire the landscape, walk along the ramparts of the castle walls, and climb the towers. The castle is an oasis of peace, reflecting the city's rich history.

Convent of the Order of Christ

The Convent of the Order of Christ (Convento da Ordem de Cristo) was built in the 12th century. It tells the story of the Knights of Templar and the Holy Grail, featuring a unique mix of Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, and Manueline architectural styles. This historical and artistic monument is located in Tomar.


If you want to discover medieval Portugal, then you have to visit Monsaraz. This tiny Middle Age walled town is located in Alentejo and features several monuments and churches of great historical value. Don't miss the village of São Pedro do Corval, the parish church of Santa Maria, or the massive castle offering spectacular views. Here you can visit the Hermitage of Santa Catarina de Monsaraz, the Chapel of São Bento, the white-washed Mannerist fountain of the Telheiro, and the Megalithic Monuments of Herdade de Xerez.

Ponte D. Luis I

Ponte D. Luis I (The Luís I Bridge) was originally built in Porto to take road traffic on both decks. It has a total length of 385.25 meters and weights 3045 tons. This metal arch bridge is a stunning landmark and symbol of the city. It has an upper passage for the metro and a lower passage for cars. If you are visiting Porto, you must not miss the breathtaking views from the top of this bridge that connects Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia. This is a great place to take pictures and capture the best views along the river.