Path of Exile’s Echoes of the Atlas turned its endgame into a multidimensional combat club

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Echoes of the Atlas, released earlier on Twitch, is expected to be one of the biggest updates Path of Exile has ever seen. It adds a super polished list of bosses, which also greatly expands its already complex game endings, including the most difficult boss ever in the history of Path of Exile with the crown. Players are already experiencing these, new challenge leagues, a series of balance changes, new skills and more.

In many ways, Path of Exile is a two-half game. On the cursed continent of Wraeclast, you will regularly take on story-driven adventures, escalating to murder the entire temple. In fact, for loot-hoarding veterans, the real game starts after you defeat the story and unlock Echoes of the Atlas. So fundamentally speaking, this is a greedy conquest. It is composed of a nearly infinite chain of randomly generated parallel universes. It also contains the unique progress system and activities of the previous challenge alliance.

Echoes of the Atlas is the major revision of the game, adding 11 new environment types to the POE Trade Currency furnace, including new monsters and bosses, and a series of new customization systems bundled in the new storyline. Facts have proved that stepping on the entire space-time continuum has aroused the interest of some powerful cosmic gods. One of them, Maven, wants to see what you can do. She appeared in large-scale boss battles to make the best impression on Rita Ribola, and she sat aside to entertain the bosses.

If you kill enough of these bigger villains to impress her, she will invite you to join her multi-dimensional fight club. When you work on the atlas, The Maven will invite you to participate in a special battle of chiefs in its arena. Each victory in these cosmic cage battles will provide you with special skill points. You can invest these points to Buy POE Currency customize Atlas itself, allowing players to choose the challenge alliance activities and game mechanics they will encounter in each part of Atlas. This is on top of the existing series of customization features, such as using the crafting system to customize personal encounters, and putting the upgraded gems into the Atlas map itself to upgrade the difficulty of a given area.

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