Is it ok if I don't use pots or pray on non levelled stuff?

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I will buy the OSRS gold berserker ring then, and prayer boosting armor. I am only able to use the 15% attack and strength bonus prayer though, not yet chivalry or piety. Super potions would be the reccomended item afterward, right? I would like to train strength, so you have been saying d scim, SS, or korassi's (that I don't now have). I have got the RFD gloves, but not yet nez. Is black mask ok until full slayer helm? I'll use earmuffs along with other head things instead until then also. Is your prossy hauberk better than fighter chest?

Is it ok if I don't use pots or pray on non levelled stuff? And, if I get a multi battle task, should I use prayer, pots, and cannon? A friend of mine stated that I needed 55 crafting to produce the slayer helm, even if I use points to understand how to make it. Is that true? Can Verac's armor be some good? It's high defence stats, and also a good prayer bonus. Can I substitute one for my own skillcape?

It is okay to skip on the prayer but it won't be too fast. Everyone's giving you guidance for the quickest, most effective slaying... cutting corners will result in it being even on lower leveled stuff. But hey, whatever suits you... well in the event that you get like desert lizards or something Turael-tier then yeah you should be fine.

Using full verac is merely going to be in repair costs. Not really worth it, also less prayer compared to using a proselyte platebody. Yes, black mask is ok. Infact, you SHOULD be sporting it unless you get an undead mission, in which case go with the salve amulet and whatever helmet you want. Another thing, you absolutely should use a cannon whenever possible. Even in single battle areas it is possible to conceal places so that the cannon buy OSRS gold can attack everything in the area no matter.