Advantages Of Enameled Copper Wire Stretching Method

The advantages of enameled copper wire stretching method


The advantages of enameled copper wire stretching method are:

  1. It can be obtained by drawing process, the exact size can not be obtained by other plastic processing methods, the cross section is regular, the surface is smooth, and the mechanical properties of the steel wire are good. For example, the surface roughness of the wire can reach Rа0.2μm, and the dimensional accuracy is plus or minus a few millimeters to one thousandth of a millimeter.
  2. It is produced by drawing steel wire, with simple equipment and tools, easy to maintain, and high productivity.
  3. Wires made by wire drawing consume less power.

What are the factors that affect enameled copper wire elongation?

  1. Copper (wire) material. In other cases, the tensile strength of drawn copper is greater than that of aluminum, and aluminum is easily broken, so aluminum should be drawn with a greater safety factor.
  2. The tensile strength of the material. The tensile strength of a material is affected by many factors, such as the chemical composition of the material, the calendering process, high tensile strength and tensile force.
  3. Deformation degree. The greater the degree of deformation, the longer the length of the deformed section in the die orifice, which increases the friction force from the die hole to the positive pressure line, and the tension also increases.
  4. The friction coefficient between the wire and the die hole. The greater the friction coefficient, the greater the tensile strength. The coefficient of friction depends on the surface treatment of the wire and mold material, the composition and quantity of the lubricant.
  5. The size and shape of wires and mold holes and the area of ​​sizing work area. The sizing area is larger and the tensile strength is greater.
  6. The location of the wire cavity. Deviation errors in the placement of wire molds or mold holders will increase tensile strength. There are also diameter and surface quality standards.
  7. External factors. The wire is not straight, Round Enameled Copper Wirejitters during the drawing process, the pay-off resistance increases, and the tensile strength increases.