Benefits of Documentary and Educational TV Channels

Follow the success of television channels and documentary and educational channels online.


Follow Documentaries and Competitions with the TLC Program

TLC TV was founded by Discovery Communications on November 6, 2015. TLC channel is the first unencrypted channel established in Turkey. It was established in place of the CNBC-e channel that Discovery Communications closed down.

TLC TV's sister Dec include Animal Planet, Science, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, Discovery Channel channels. Available on many cable broadcasting providers, this channel can also be watched with HD image quality without interruption and freezing with the option to watch TLC TV izle over the internet.


The TLC TV broadcast stream includes many programs in a style that appeals to every audience, from documentary to sports, from competition to series, from adventure to unusual lives, from marriage to decoration. This channel, which has a rich stream of broadcasts, has a large audience. While extraordinary lives are brought together with programs such as Healer and Decadent Lives, it is among the most watched programs in home and decoration themed publications such as Cleaning Addicts and Real Estate Wars. In addition to these programs, domestic and foreign series, entertaining contests and programs are included in the TLC TV broadcast stream. Documentaries are also featured quite often on the channel.

The program Heavy Lives, which is included in the broadcast stream of TLC TV and has a fairly large audience, transmits the weight loss processes of overweight individuals to the screens. Dr. Nowzaradan's Heavy Lives program, which includes people who are 270 kilos and over who have taken a step to lose weight accompanied by Nowzaradan, meets its audience on TLC TV every Wednesday at 21.30. The Dreamy Houses program featuring real estate agents Christina Haack and Tarek el Moussa, who buy and renovate old houses with their magnificent designs, aesthetic elements and painstaking details and make them perfect, is a program that the audience loves very much.

Access Educational Content via the D MAX Channel

D Max is a television channel that started broadcasting in Turkey on March 17, 2018, broadcasting entertaining content and lifestyle programs for men. The channel, which continues to broadcast from Discovery Communication, is the second channel opened by this organization in Turkey after TLC. It broadcasts from platforms such as Turksat 4A satellite, Digiturk, D-Smart, Cable Tv. The channel also continues to broadcast in HD format via satellite. The channel, which has a lot of programs that are watched with interest in different formats, has had a good viewing rate in Turkey, especially with its programs in the genres of adventure, documentary and cars. Most of the programs broadcast on the channel are foreign. That is why the Turkish dubbed versions of the programs are broadcast. By searching Dec search terms such as D Max live watch, D Max watch from your computer and mobile phone, our site can watch the channel's broadcasts without interruption via vin.

D Max canlı is a channel that hosts high-quality content in the broadcast stream. Competition programs, sports competitions, documentaries are the favorite productions of the channel. As a sports program, the channel has established a throne in the hearts of the Turkish audience by broadcasting the traditional Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling live. It also broadcasts live the competitions of many domestic and foreign boxers. The channel broadcasts a very wide range of documentaries. There are many documentary channels that will open your horizons, excite you, and you should definitely watch. You can find all the documentaries about the World's Oldest Animals, the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, shot by Ed Stafford on the D Max channel. Other programs that are broadcast on the channel and watched with love are as follows; How is it done?, Masters of the Tree House, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Antique Hunters, Swamp Monsters, Journey into the Unknown, Farmer Brothers, Giant Machines, Secret Criminal Organizations, Scrap Hunters, Human Bear, Ninja Warrior, Renovation Repairs. In addition, series such as Peaky Blinders and Vikings are broadcast on the channel. D Max adds many different kinds of programs to its quality broadcasts every day.