Lost Ark was the hot new MMORPG of 2022

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Lost Ark was the hot new MMORPG of Lost Ark Gold 2022, which came out following its global release in February. The game has not entirely avoided criticism for its flaws as well as balance issues, heavily sexualized characters, gender locked classes, as well as pay-to win endgame advancement. Nevertheless, it remains an extremely popular option to fulfill the MMO power gap that World of Warcraft left behind.

The Korean MMO having a hugely successful launch on PC Many may wonder whether console-based games are coming in Lost Ark's near future. The subject was brought up in an interview by the Franchise Director Soomin Park. Although his response was not exactly concrete but it is clear that console-based versions are possible.

British gaming journalist Sherif Saed recently spoke to Park on a range of subjects such as publishing rights, comparisons between Lost Ark and Diablo 3, and why Lost Ark took so long to reach the west. It is in connection with the Diablo 3 comparisons that the topic of console porting came up and Saed noting that game's success on a variety of platforms. Unfortunately, Park wasn't able to provide a clear"yes or no" as how Lost Ark might arrive on consoles in the near future. "If Lost Ark on consoles is something that people really would like," he told Saed, "then I think it's something both sides could consider!"

In the context of "both parties," Park Lost Ark Gold for sale is presumably refers to Amazon and Smilegate who have licensing rights on the game. He clarified the company's relationship when explaining why Lost Ark isn't available in the Middle East or parts of Europe. Unlike previous Amazon Games titles like New World, the company is not the owner of Lost Ark. Rather, it is partnered with Korean producer Smilegate RPG, who own the intellectual property rights. Park said that the contract does not grant Amazon permission to publish Lost Ark globally, only within certain regions in Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. It is, however, not clear when or if Lost Ark might arrive in new territories.