Which companies need air purification tower

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The air purification tower is mainly to purify the waste gas generated by the enterprise, among which the more common waste gas usually contains one or more of dust, smoke, dust, odor, toxic and harmful gases.

There are many enterprises that produce smoke, waste gas, odor, etc. in industrial production. Common enterprises include: chemical factories, electronics factories, paint factories, automobile factories, paint factories, petrochemicals, furniture factories, food factories, rubber factories, etc. and other industries that generate organic and inorganic polluting waste gas.

At present, the commonly used catalytic combustion equipment for exhaust gas treatment has the following performance characteristics and is a recommended choice:

1. It is suitable for treating organic waste gas with normal temperature, large air volume, medium and low concentration;

2. No secondary pollution, low equipment investment and operating costs;

3. The adsorbent is made of high-quality honeycomb activated carbon, which has the characteristics of long service life, low running resistance and high purification efficiency;

4. Catalytic low temperature decomposition, short preheating time, low energy consumption, long service life of catalyst;

5. The equipment runs stably and reliably, with few moving parts, the maintenance system is well-equipped, and the operation and maintenance are convenient;

6. Fully automatic PLC control is realized in the whole operation process, which is convenient and reliable;

7. The system has complete safety facilities, equipped with flame arresters, explosion vents, etc. The abnormal situation during operation will alarm and automatically stop.

Waste gas treatment cannot be delayed. The industry that generates industrial waste gas needs to install an air purification tower. In addition, the improper use of the air purification tower process will also cause the emission standards of waste gas treatment to fail to meet the standard. Only by installing an air purification tower reasonably according to the situation of the enterprise can we avoid industrial waste gas. pollution of the environment.

air purification tower https://www.kaisenfilter.com/Air-Purifying-Tower