The map of Lost Ark is composed of gigantic continents

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Manor: Set bonus points for your stronghold.Training Camp: Boost the level of your alts to 2 levels higher than your main.Knowledge Transfer: Increase the level of a character straight up to 50. It costs gold Lost Ark Gold. Let's look at what each menu's purpose is before we move on.Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Rank 2 Upgrade

The lab is used to unlock new functions for your stronghold. unlocking new recipes for the workshop, upgrading components of the stronghold, and unlocking different ship types can all be accomplished through the laboratory. Research projects may take several hours to complete and typically require ore and wood.

Lost Ark Stronghold Manor Menu

It is possible to create specific structures in your strongholds that give the passive effect. This menu allows you to select which passives you'd like to have to be active at any particular time. For instance platinum founders have an upgrade cosmetic for their train that provides passive crafting bonuses for your stronghold.

Training Camp

Unlocked upon reaching level 52, the training camp allows you to gain passively increasing you level for your character. The ability to level up your characters two levels below your most advanced level character. If, for instance, you are a level 60 character it is possible to only level your alts to level58 with this system. Leveling characters through the training camp can take a few months or days depending on your character's level at the moment and their maximum level Cheap Lost Ark Gold. You are still able to use characters that are actively working, so this is an opportunity to get a free XP farm.