New World: Arenas mode is finally here

New World: Arenas mode is finally here


Amazon Games' 2022 roadmap for MMO New World, released in March, said the game would bring Tempest's Heart expedition, Blunderbuss, as well as 3v3 PvP arenas and PvP bonus tracks in spring 2022.

Players can find a detailed rundown of the new PvP reward track at as well as some new challenges for end-game rewards. There players can also get more New World Coins for less money.

In a "best-of-five" match, Arenas asks players to be the first team to win three rounds. Rounds typically last two minutes, after which things heat up, with deadly rings of fire pushing players into the center of the arena, forcing combatants to engage or die.

However, if the player is under level 20, or if the player has not enabled On-Demand PvP anywhere in Aeternum in the Mode menu, the player will not be able to play the game. 3v3 Arenas is a new small-scale PvP game mode where teams of three fight for fame, glory and fortune. Players may even win some unique house items.

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New World plans to introduce Barnacle and Black Powder Expeditions, Expedition Finder, and an unspecified "summer event" in other updates in the summer/Q3. Buying New World Gold from ahead of time to strengthen yourself is very necessary if players want to perform better in these events.