A Fun, Industrial Manchester City Wedding

This is a celebration locked in the beating heart of the incredible city – an enjoyable and informal day full of the weathered and delightful industrial features that Manchester is known for, as well as an entirely stylish couple clothed in both vintage and vintage-inspired attire.


Meet Anne, who works best for YMCA Milton Keynes, which provides accommodation and support to young adults a chance of homelessness.

She married Jamie, who works best for the national disability charity, supporting newly injured individuals in rebuilding their lives, around 1 September 2018. They held their ceremony in Bridge Street before going to Artisan for drinks, after which to for food and partying.

Anne chose an embellished 1970s evening dress having a sparkly high collar, and she looked incredible.

"I liked the concept that this was an evening dress as opposed to a traditional wedding gown, also it felt incredibly glamorous to put on. I always knew I wanted a vintage, but originally thought I may wear a jumpsuit…but then I tried on my small dress!"

The bridesmaids headed to Manchester Hall inside a Porsche, whilst Anne was whisked off inside a spectacular 1960s Mercedes, with both cars supplied by Jamie's friend, a devoted car collector.

Jamie wore a good and stylish three-piece suit inside a warm brown tweed.

"Jamie accessorized having a walker boot given by the NHS…He broke his leg 5 weeks before the wedding!"

How incredibly sweet towards the flower girls try looking in their bright yellow 1970s-inspired floral dresses for girls.

Together using the colorful hair bows and tiny posies of Craspedia heads, just perfection! Go

The bridesmaids wore deep blue star print jumpsuits, along with Anne carrying posies of gorgeous hydrangea blooms.

"I always knew I wanted hydrangeas. I just loved the shades and Billy Button heads (AKA Craspedia) went perfectly with flower girl dresses!"

Anne was accompanied on the aisle by her two sons Patrick (16) and James (14). Anne chose Paul Smith of Maximo Park's version of Northern Sky with this emotional moment, like a Maximo Park album, have been the first music she and Jamie had paid attention to together like a couple.

"The ceremony was probably our favorite part, even though we did think beforehand this was just the formal part after which the fun happened! It would be a beautiful venue and seeing all of our friends and family in one place, had been pretty overwhelming. Our registrar was friendly making it feel special for all of us, the music…the readings, it all only agreed to be pretty magical."

After the ceremony, Jamie and Anne were met outside by a piper, who serenaded everyone because they made their method to a nearby Artisan for any drinks reception.

They created an amazing Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired feast for everybody to enjoy.

"James and Nick are simply so enthusiastic about their food also it was delicious. They did our canapes, a take-a-seat banquet, and evening wraps. Great for vegetarian and vegan choices too! Highly recommend."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Focus around the things that are vital that you…for us, it had been music and food so that they were the very first things we sorted and spent most time/money on. Everything else just fell into place."

"It's a cliché…but don't sweat the little stuff, no-one notices, no-one cares…folk just wanna celebrate along with you. No one notices flowers, place cards, bunting…. even though you think all that is crucial within the lead-up."

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