About The Matching Of Skirting Boards

But how do match these different styles of baseboards with the floor or the overall environment?


    We already know that there are baseboards of various materials such as aluminum skirting boards, PVC baseboards, etc. But how do match these different styles of baseboards with the floor or the overall environment?

    Matching baseboards and floors: In the past decade, a new trend has emerged: combining the color of the baseboard with the color of the floor. A wise choice, paired with the right color combination, gives a sense of environmental continuity. If this decision is made during construction/renovation, you might consider using the same material as the floor, with baseboards that are flush with the walls.

    Choosing baseboards is fun and allows quite a bit of freedom depending on the effect you want. These are the most popular styles:

Matching baseboards and doors/windows: A timeless trend is to match baseboards to the color and material of doors and windows. You can choose pastel colors with less contrast, or brighter colors for unique and special color effects. In both cases, skirting BA is available in a variety of shades.

    The matching of skirting and walls: another trend born in recent years, very popular in clubs, shops, commercial areas, and other areas. It makes the room look a little bigger and is perfect in places where a lot of people gather. In this case, the best option is to have baseboards with multiple color options and customizable, hence elements of coated aluminum or PVC.

    Freestyle Combinations: This is a very rare case where the baseboard is of a different color and material than the floor, walls or doors, and windows. Full color independent of other environments. It's a new, almost futuristic style that could easily play a leading role in alternative settings like a MoMA or club.

    The easiest and quickest way is to choose baseboards in the same color as the wall, creating a continuity effect with the wall.

    If you want to hide the presence of baseboards, an original solution with an extraordinary look is to integrate the baseboards into the wall. Installed with drywall and placed under it, creating a small gap with the floor.

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