Are fall guys beans?

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The more society develops, the more people need to enjoy life. Therefore, entertainment services are increasingly developing, in which it is impossible not to mention online games. LOL Beans is the io game that took the past few years by storm and is still trending today. Let's learn about this game.

What are io games and the LOL Beans game?

Game IO, is a free-to-play multiplayer game genre with a minimalist graphic style. In essence, the io category is based on the .io domain which is the country code top-level domain for the British Indian Ocean.

The LOL Beans is one of the most popular recent io games of the racing genre. LOL Beans is a world of cute little beans and you - who will transform into one of those beans will participate in competitions, overcome obstacles, and compete with other players from different other countries to become the first one to get to the finish line.

The Game developer

In October 2020, Exodragon Games - a video game studio specializing in creating browser and mobile IO games, researched and released LOL Beans with the .io domain.

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