NLCS Answer for Giants Ishikawa is blowin in the wind

NLCS Answer for Giants Ishikawa is blowin in the wind


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SAN FRANCISCO The wind was whipping in hard off McCovey Cove at the start of Tuesday's Game 3 of the NLCS Louis Williams Jersey , and while it may have meant a quiet day for the kayakers hoping to catch home run balls, the Giants reaped the benefits of their home park's waterside location in their 5-4, 10-inning victory.

Travis Ishikawa's deep fly ball to right field in the first inning appeared catchable for Cardinals right fielder Randal Grichuk, but then the ball kept drifting toward right-center field, and drifiting, and drifting, and drifting, until it wound up out of Grichuk's Los Angeles Clippers Jersey range, bouncing off the wall for a three-run double.

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"That's as good as I can hit a ball," Ishikawa said. "Obviously this ballpark and the wind had other ideas. But when I first hit it, I thought it had a great chance of going out, and then obviously when I saw Grichuk preparing for the carry, I realized it wasn't going to go out. That's a huge hit, Ithink in this part of the season. Any hit I can get to help the team out is huge."

Cardinals starter John Lackey appeared upset at the wandering of the rookie outfielder on the play, but Grichuk is not the first player at ATT Park, or the Giants' old home at Candlestick Park, to fall victim to Patrick Beverley Jersey the wind. Giants pitcher Stu Miller famously 50 years later.

Ishikawa's double gave the Giants an early 4-0 lead, as Hunter Pence had doubled home the game's first run earlier in the inning. The bases-loaded, two-out situation for Ishikawa actually stood up as the third-highest Leverage Index situation of the game, , because of the wide swing between what could have happened an out and a 1-0 game and what Jerome Robinson Jersey did happen. The Giants eventually blew thatfour-run lead before prevailing, but having a four-run lead in the first place also meant that Montrezl Harrell Jersey they were not playing from behind all afternoon.

The Cardinals had wanted to pitch to Ishikawa, intentionally walking Brandon Belt after Lackey went to a 3-0 count. The move made sense, considering Ishikawa's .397 career slugging percentage, but the 31-year-old left fielder/first basemanwound up collecting his third hit in six at-bats in the series.

"The wind's our friend here," Giants third base coach Tim Flannery said. Tobias Harris Jersey

Well, not quite always. In the fourth inning, Kolten Wong hit a two-run triple off the right field fence to cut the Giants' lead to 4-2. Hunter Pence, who is plenty used to dealing with the wind here, still struggled with the bayside currents blowing in at 20 mph or more throughout the day. Wong's ball hit the wall several feet to the center field side of where Pence aligned himself.