Another alternative for the Gold Bar method is smithing Adamant Dart Tips

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Smithing can be regarded as an either buyable or income-generating skill, depending upon the method you choose to develop your proficiency. In this guide I'll discuss the various options available to you, their pro's and cons, as well as approximate costs and the XP rates. I will also discuss the motives for you to learn the Smithing skill, and outline the content that requires the Smithing level to gain access. If you're in OSRS gold  search of additional gold to boost your smithing levels do not feel hesitant to buy it at rsorder! You can purchase gold from us at the lowest rates and with quick delivery! You can try it for yourself and I'll bet that you won't be satisfied!

Why should you learn your Smithing skill with Oldschool Runescape?

There are many reasons people might decide to level Smithing. The primary reason is additional XP and levels that are awarded when you level up. Smithing is a highly XP/hour skill with the correct methods and rates that exceed 300K per hour . This is achievable from a relatively low level.

In addition to a few small unlocks, such as being able to create the Dragon Kiteshield at Level 75 and the Dragonfire Shield from Level 90. The Profitability

There an incentive to make money reaching the highest level of Smithing. Most notably, the ability to smelt Runite ore in Blast Furnace Blast Furnace is unlocked at Level 85. and provides players with an opportunity to earn a significant amount of money, while getting a small amount of XP. Making Runite Ore by this method can yield anywhere from 1-1.5M per hour, based on the rate of the player and the market prices. I'll talk about this method at a later date, but at present, you should know that earning through Smithing is possible.

Repairs that are less expensive

Repairing armour in an Armour Stand in a player own house, the price of the repair will be determined by your smithing level. The formula is:

(1 1) - Smithing Level / 200) * normal repair cost

A player with Level 60 Smithing would have to pay 70% of the normal repair cost.

Some Good-To-Know's

The Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is an exclusive members-only minigame found in Keldagrim to smelt bars that require coal. The furnace here requires just half the amount of coal needed when melting, so it can be useful when you are smelting ores that need more coal.


Start The Giant Dwarf to unlock Keldagrim (Only requires Step 1 in the quest)

Smithing levels 60 (cannot be boosted) or a fee of 2500-coins to smelt bars by using an oven for 10 mins

Ice gloves or buckets of water are used in the bar dispenser for cooling the heated bars before they're released.

Coins for being able to use the blast furnace within designated worlds. It costs 72K gp/hour to allow you to use it. You need to deposit it in the coffer next to the bank's cash register.

The first time you go for the Blast Furnace, you'll have to walk. Then, you can begin The Giant Dwarf quest on the way to Keldagrim after which there's no need to go on with the quest . Instead, you'll be able to head straight to the furnace. After making this journey once you'll have the ability to use the Blast Furnace Minigame Teleport to go back to it in the near future.

The Blast Furnace will be utilized as explained in the techniques below. For the time being, it is all you need to be aware of. The fastest method of getting XP when Smithing is to use the Blast Furnace. there are several items that will really help you out:

Ice Gloves

The first is Ice Gloves, which mitigate the requirement to put an entire bucket of water on the bars each time you're trying to take them. They are available by defeating the Ice Queen in the White Wolf Mountain. It requires level 50 Mining and the ability of killing the queen (although she is at a high level however, she can easily be killed by praying for protection).

Goldsmith Gauntlets

Goldsmith gauntlets are one of the three possible rewards for gloves from Family Crest quest, along with Cooking gauntlets and Chaos gauntlets. They are available by bringing the mystical steel gauntlets (along with 25.000 gold) to Avan the thief who is found on the Al Kharid mine. If equipped, players receives 56.2 credits for every gold bar. They are vital for anyone interested in achieving 99 Smithing while using traditional methods.

Graceful Outfit

Another essential item to pick before beginning Smithing is the Graceful Outfit. The Blast Furnace method requires the use of a lot of running. Thus, having an outfit called the Graceful Outfit before you start will decrease the amount of Stamina Potions required, thus significantly reducing the expense of training.

Stamina Potions

These Potions slow down the rate that the Run Energy depletes, and in addition, they increase the rate at which they increase the rate at which your Run Energy regenerates. They are crucial to ensure that you're running at all times in the Blast Furnace, maximizing the gains in XP. Effective when combined and the Graceful Outfit.

Beginning to Get Started

Level 1 to 29 Level 1 - 29 Knight's Sword

As with most skills in OSRS the initial levels of Smithing are very slow and tedious.Therefore, it is strongly recommended to finish the quest "The Knight's Blade before you begin. This Quest does not have a Smithing level prerequisite, and will reward you with a massive 12.725 Smithing XP after completion. This will allow a player to go from Level one to 29. An enormous leap for a simple and quick quest, the only requirement is the level 10 Mining.

Level 29 - 40: Iron Items

At levels 29-40. You'll need to get your hands on Iron Bars and head to an Anvil. The preferred locations are Varrock (just south of the bank's west side) and Yanille (just south of the Bank). Both Anvils are a short walk from the bank and are considered to be the most appropriate to use.

It is recommended to build the Iron objects that have the highest value in relation to bar costs in the beginning, but at this point I don't suggest spending the time to decide which items to create, since the cost is very low and the levels needed are just a few. You'll want to move quickly to Level 40. Whatever method you decide to employ from now onwards.

Level 40-99: Gold Bars (Blast Furnace)

The fastest (realistic) method to achieve 99 Smithing is through smelting Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace. Each bar created will yield 56.2 XP when Goldsmith Gauntlets are worn. This technique yields wonderful ExP, with rates as high as 300-400K XP per hour being achievable.

231.268 Gold Ore is needed to reach Level 99 after Level 40. A small amount of the cost will be paid back by selling the Gold Bars. These are low value, so it will be tiny. Prices in the market fluctuate widely, however as an approximate estimate, using this method to 99. it will cost you around 70M GP. The cost is somewhat expensive, depending on your definition of costly However, for a Level 99 skill , I'd argue it's relatively inexpensive, particularly in comparison to the other available skills which could cost as much as 200M.

Alternative Method Level 85 - 99: Runite Bars (Blast Furnace)

Similar similarly to Gold Bars, Runite Bars can also be made at the Blast Furnace. The expected profit depends on market rates, but a range of 800K-1.5M subject to player speed and market prices is reasonable.

Level 85 - Level 99 Utilizing Runite Bars in the Blast Furnace will yield a profit of approximately 110M at the current price, with the total of 195.517 bars that need to be produced. This is definitely an attractive option for people with a low money, however, for those who are capable of earning at least 1-1.5M per hour by other methods, this Gold Bar method is most preferred.

Alternative Method Level 74 - 99: Adamant Dart Tips

Another alternative for the Gold Bar method is smithing Adamant Dart Tips. This requires the level 74. It yields 62.5XP in an Adamantite Bar. Each bar will yield 10 dart tips, hence the method typically yields some small profits.

The hourly rate of XP using this method is very low (approx 60K XP/hour) However, it's also a very relaxed method that is 'AFK and, with every inventory you can smith 27 bars at once. In addition, the method is absolutely nothing, but often the result is only a small profit. At the current price, reaching the status of 99 using this method would bring in a net gain of 6 million GP. A small amount and yet, at the very least, it's profit and not a cost.

In order to achieve Level 99. this method requires 191.011 Adamantite bar, and take between 180-200 hours approximately (ouch).

Alternative Method Level 35 - 99: Cannonballs

A well-known, ancient method, smelting Steel Bars into Cannonballs. Smelting osrs firecape service  cannonballs from steel bars is profitable, but it's a slow. To be able to smelt the cannonballs must finish the Dwarf Cannon quest.

The XP rate is incredibly slow, averaging around 10-15K XP per hour gained. The primary reason to employ this method is its profitability of somewhere between 200-500K GP per hour.

The ideal location for a furnace to make use of is in Edgeville, the Furnace can be found a mere stroll from the bank. To achieve Level 99 from Level 30 with that method you'd need to be insane. But , to get the figures, you'd have to smelt 510.631 Steel bars to Cannonballs, which would take approximately 900 to 1000 hours. If you were to work for it, you'd be rewarded approximately 95M at current prices. A pretty bad trade-off, according to me.