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Conquering them won't be an easy task by any means


Conquering them won't be an easy task by any means. The vast open world of Elden Ring hides a significant number of bosses for players to discover and defeat. One of the first hidden bosses you will have the opportunity to find in the game is the Crucible Knight, who is one of Godfrey's sixteen ancient knights. He is also one of the first knights you will have to defeat. You will need to enter the knight's Evergaol and defeat this boss in order to obtain a powerful incantation that can be used for Faith-based builds. This incantation will be of great use to you.


In terms of gameplay, Crucible Knights are very similar to Black Knights. They deal massive damage with slow, telegraphed swings, and deal this damage consistently. In order for players to successfully take down one of the more difficult early-game bosses in Elden Ring, Elden Ring items for sale is strongly suggested that they equip themselves with a dependable weapon and shield. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to defeat the Crucible Knight, the boss of Elden Ring, and cheap Elden Ring buy Elden Ring items was written for those who are playing the game.

  • The following is the most recent revision, which was made on May 28, 2022 by Charlene Maria Teressa:Because of his unrelenting hostility and the fact that he does not give you any room to take a breath, Crucible Knight, the boss battle encounter that can be found in Elden Ring, has since earned a place in the annals of FromSoft as one of the most difficult bosses ever designed

  • He can be found in Elden Ring

  • On the other hand, as you progress through the game and enter higher-level areas, the Crucible Knight will reappear, but this time in different forms that are approximately ten times more challenging

  • In the Caelid and Deeproot Depths, either one of these bosses can be found on its own or paired with another

  • Evergaols are essentially prisons that are in charge of capturing the optional bosses that are spread out across the Lands Between

  • You can find Evergaols all over the place

  • It is important to note that you are under no obligation to engage in combat with the Crucible Knight, despite the fact that he is among the most difficult bosses you will face in the game's early stages


You should save this boss fight for later in the game, as it is strongly recommended that you do so. If you intend to fight the Crucible Knight in the very first battle of your game, make sure to bring the most powerful weapon you have as well as a shield that has the ability to parry.



After the initial fight against the Crucible Knight in the Stormhill Evergaol, there are a total of three more Crucible Knight bosses to take on, each of which offers a different kind of difficulty. In the Crucible Knight area of Deeproot Depths, you can engage in combat with both the Crucible Knight duo boss that can be found in Auriza Hero's Grave in Leyndell and the Crucible Knight Siluria boss fight that can be found in Deeproot Depths, which is located underground in The Nameless Eternal City. Both of these bosses are fought in the Crucible Knight area of Deeproot Depths. In addition, if you want to take on Starscourge Radahn, you will have to fight a Crucible Knight who is accompanied by a Misbegotten Warrior. This will be required of you if you want to take on Starscourge Radahn. You will not be able to move on until you have completed this fight.

The Crucible Knight's Assaults on the Enemy
The Crucible Knight goes through two phases, the second of which begins once Elden Ring buy Elden Ring runes for sale has lost roughly fifty percent of its health. Both phases are distinct from one another. This fight is very similar to the Black Knight fights in the Dark Souls series, in which the adversary will use slow but powerful strikes to deplete your health bar. These strikes will be used in this fight as well. The following is an example of the test that lies ahead for you:


The Crucible Knight can be vanquished by most builds by employing a strategy that combines dodging his attacks and keeping a safe distance from him. The only exception to this rule is melee builds, which will have a slightly easier time completing this fight. It is recommended that ranged characters bring either a backup melee weapon or a shield that can parry attacks. This is due to the fact that ranged characters do not have access to a large playing area. Because Elden Ring Items PC allows you to deflect heat away from yourself, which is essential, and the Mimic Tear is effective at maintaining aggro, the latter is of the utmost importance for the duo boss fights.

We strongly advise that you attempt to cast the Bloodflame Blade spell on your weapon if at all possible, as this will significantly improve the amount of damage Elden Ring Runes PS for sale can deal.

Keep Torrent's whistle close at hand in case you need to duck out of the way of the Crucible Knight Siluria boss's attack.

Neglected to Serve Their Punishment

Because parrying is so easy to do against this boss, even players who aren't used to doing Elden Ring Armor won't have any trouble doing Elden Ring Weapons when fighting him. Once you have the shield, it is highly recommended that you practice timing your parries with the boss's attacks and acquire a shield that has the ability to parry attacks. Once you have the shield,  is also recommended that you practice timing your parries with the boss's attacks. You will be able to successfully parry almost all of this boss's attacks, and if you successfully block one of its attacks, you will receive a guaranteed critical hit. This boss's attacks are very difficult to block.

You can either stop or deflect the attack.

It looks like you've landed a critical hit.

You won't be able to defend yourself against the Crucible Knight's magical attacks, but the good news is that these kinds of attacks won't come up all that often during the course of this fight. Remember that you have to sidestep any time he extends a wing or tail, parry any sword strikes that you can, and keep your composure throughout the entire fight. If you panic roll, there is no way to avoid dying. It is impossible. This holds true in particular for Crucible Knight Ordovis, who resides in the Hero's Grave in Auriza.

Keeping Your Distance is Necessary

You can trick the Crucible Knight into attacking you with a thrust or a slash instead of your normal attack if you keep your distance and use an item. This will require you to maintain your distance. This is the best chance that ranged builds have of dealing damage to the boss, despite the fact that it is a much riskier method than the parry strategy that we discussed earlier in the discussion.