Today, most electronic door lock suppliers regard a smart door lock as the most important part of a smart house. Unlike the traditional door lock, the smart door lock offers various accessing solutions to users and other modern door lock technologies. With a smart door lock, you could ditch your physical keys and enjoy the safety and convenience of managing your lock wherever you are.To get more news about wifi smart door lock, you can visit official website.

Whether you are a fan of the smart life or merely are the airbnbers need to give temporary access to houseguests, the smart locks are a revolutionary in the keyless door lock system. Ready to make the jump to smart lock technology? Here are our top picks of the market in 2022.
This smart deadbolt lock is the hottest and best smart door lock for front door in the age of cellphone. Supported by the advance smartphone application, the deadbolt can be unlock under the control of the user's phone. Also, it is the incarnattion of the convenience and sharing life because you could set the sharing code for your guests or friends which can valid for a period time. The valid time can last a couple of weeks, hours, and even minutes. If there is a need, you also could cancel the sharing code. Then, you don't have to worry too much about the loss, stolen, copied issues of physical keys.

The second best pick is the push and pull fingerprint smart digital door lock. First, the push and pull opening design is very fit the opening habits of the most users. This considerate design would create the smoothing opening and closing experience for the users. It is perfect option for the residential use. Second, four access solutions are available in this electronic keyless door locks for homes: fingerprint, APP, RF card key, and pin code. Furthermore, the push and pull smart digital is not a simple fingerprint door lock. Generally speaking, the users have to use fingerprint to unlock several times, because the old version identification technology. Unlike them, this push and pull smart door lock provides one-touch fingerprint verification, which you don't have to repeat several times operation to open the door lock.

How Do You Pick a Smart Lock?
After listing our best products, it is time to teach you some real skills to choose the right and best smart door lock. It is because the smart door lock can be a young and immature digital product in the current complex door lock industry. Some smart door lock brands still sell the smart door lock which makes a relatively bad performance where non-standard fixtures are in use. Here are some key factors to take into account to help you narrow down your shopping list.

How Security is It?
Security is the first and vital factor you should pay attention to. It is the main function of the smart door lock is to safeguard your property and your safety. Therefore, it is necessary clearly understand how good the smart door lock is the security.

Whether it has Mature Power System?
Imagine that, if the smart door lock runs out of power and you are stuck outside, what do you do? Therefore, a mature power system also is a factor you need to pay attention to. A great smart door lock should have a low battery warning signal and great power backup system. For example, Be-Tech smart door lock would make a continuous "beep" sound during door access and will alert you to replace batteries.