How is Frost Mage in PvE at WOW WOTLK Classic?

How is Frost Mage in PvE at WOW WOTLK Classic?


Most players will feel that Frost Mage is useless in WotLK PvE, but in fact, Frost Mage is very good in WOW WOTLK Classic Raids (PvE). Frost mages are more protective of players than fire and arcane spells. The ice barrier alone can absorb a lot of damage. On top of that, active defense is very good thanks to the many slowing effects. Meanwhile, players can strengthen themselves by Buy WOW WOTLK Gold from

In addition, Arctic Winds can reduce the hit rate of melee and ranged attacks against mages by 5%. Although in a head-to-head battle with a boss, it doesn't really matter. However, it can be an advantage against trash mobs. Compared to previous expansions, Frost Mage deals much more damage in PvE. This makes the gap with Arcane Mage getting smaller and smaller.


Compared to other skills, the Frost playstyle has no PvE capabilities in earlier expansion packs. Frost is dedicated to PvP mages and leveling. This has become the norm and is almost never questioned. Frost Mage must invest 18 in the Arcane skill tree to gain Torment the Weak. However, on the way to the desired talent, the player can still take Spell Shock to enhance the primary spell.

The Frost Mage in WOW WOTLK Classic has a higher defense output, and it fires continuously without interruption. Frost Mage has been boosted in WotLK's PvE compared to other expansions. In addition, WOW WOTLK Gold will make players stronger in the game. If players want to buy cheap WOW WOTLK Gold, they can always visit which has the cheapest WOW WOTLK Gold on the market.