How to Withdraw Funds from eToro

How to Withdraw Funds from eToro


How to Withdraw Funds from eToro

If you have not withdrawn before with eToro or are not sure how the process works, then we are here to help.To get more news about eToro Fund Withdrawal, you can visit official website.

In this guide we will show you how to withdraw from eToro, and everything you should pay attention to.
1. Login to your eToro Account
Start by logging into your eToro account using your registered details.

If you haven’t registered an account yet, eToro offers a free unlimited demo account that can be opened with ease. It virtually funds your account with $100000 to trade without risks. Of course, this money is not withdrawable.
2. Go to the withdrawal menu
On the left side menu, you will find the “Withdraw Funds” section. Click to open this section
3. Check your balance
The pop-up window that opens will show your account balance and withdrawable amount.
4. Choose withdrawal amount
Remember the $5 fee, choose the amount you would like to withdraw, and click “Submit”. The default currency will always be USD with eToro.
5. Choose the Payment Method and subit your request
Finally, choose your preferred payment methods and click “Submit”.
If you deposited using a combination of methods, for example, a credit card and bank transfer deposit then the funds will be withdrawn proportionately to the same methods you used in order. This priority method goes first to credit cards, followed by PayPal, and then bank transfer.

Another important note is that you cannot ask others to withdraw for you, or send your withdrawals to any other form of third-party.

Credit/debit card and bank transfer
You can make an eToro withdrawal using your credit or debit card that is a Visa or MasterCard. The only time this will not be available is if your card has expired or is unavailable to you for any other reason. If this does happen you should contact the eToro support team to find an alternative.
eToro withdrawal fee and limits
There are some limits in place when it comes to eToro withdrawals and a fixed fee to consider. This fixed fee is $5 per withdrawal while the minimum amount you can withdraw from the broker is $30.

Since the only base currency provided by eToro is the US Dollar then any funds withdrawn in a different currency will be subject to conversion fees. These are not applied by eToro but by the financial institutions.

Based on your bank’s own policy you could also be charged an additional percentage or fee. Again this is not applied by the broker and is something you should check with your bank before making a withdrawal.