Players can receive game rewards in the commemoration of the 17th anniversary of World of Warcraft

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This year is the 17th anniversary of the founding of World of Warcraft, so in the anniversary event this fall, players have the opportunity to get a lot of in-game rewards. And this type of WOW Classic Gold reward can now be viewed in the game’s public testing area.

The Burning Crusade game has been 14 years since it was first expanded to this year, and will be republished on Classic servers in 2021. Therefore, the items that can be obtained in this World of Warcraft's 17th anniversary commemorative event are also based on this game.

In the anniversary event, players will have the opportunity to get a new mount Illidari Doomhawk, as long as the player launches the anniversary event on the retail server, kill the world leader of Tanaris Doomwalker. This boss is a call to the original Doom, which was the main enemy of Shadowmoon Valley when Burning Crusade released the expansion 14 years ago.

In this anniversary event, Blizzard also added some classic equipment similar to The Burning Crusade. Therefore, in addition to the opportunity to obtain new mounts, players may also obtain some epic items. When the anniversary event of World of Warcraft this year begins, players will be able to get some identifiable items in the updated settings, such as Nexus-Reaver and Barrel-Blade Longrifle. And players can also use an epic one-handed sword similar to the weapon Akama used in the Black Temple.

If everything goes according to plan, not only will World of Warcraft’s 17th anniversary commemorative event be held in November this year, but World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic may be released. Both classic players and retail players can stay tuned.

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