Animal crossing is about to usher in the lost beauty

Animal Crossing: In the first year of release, this experience became the best-selling product in many countries, and it has also been successful in other parts of the world.


Of course, Nintendo must introduce new content to maintain the company's reputation. The first step to take action can be to introduce several Animal Crossing characters, which are currently missing in Animal Crossing. For example, the Bunny Festival in April 2021. The animal crossing event witnessed the return of past activities.

Blanca can be a white cat without a face. He is the host of the important April Fool's Day Animal Crossing event. The ACBellsBuy store will continue to pay attention to game activities and continue to provide players with the Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets service. Despite the active participation of new players in large-scale events, April Fools' Day has not yet played a role in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, although the developers can trace it back to 2022.

Booker may be one of the most trusted characters in the history of Animal Crossing. He played an important role in films such as New Wild and Urban Folklore. And may soon play the same role in Animal Crossing. On the other hand, he is still working with Booker at the Parker Police Department and will become the responsible dog of the two dogs.

Brewster is usually a blue rock pigeon, and he has his coffee shop in Xinye. He has a captivating personality, and players can boost their friendship with him through simple conversations.  In the coffee shop, players can also go to Buy Animal Crossing Gold to decorate the room. Digby is Isabelle's brother. He used to be the host of Pocket Camp, and it would be no surprise if he also returned to host of New Horizons.

Bringing back the prestigious Animal Crossing character seems to be Nintendo's current ideal decision. For novices, this will be a good way to understand franchise rights, and for old players, it is also an excellent motivation for the Animal Crossing series of games.